Troy's Decision

Troy became very upset and depressed after he was separated from Pete. Everything Troy did reminded him of his guardian; he felt tremendous guilt over his failure to save Pete. Troy thought about what to do for many days; he finally made the decision to take Pete's place as Edna’s slave. He prayed to the Gods, and left the mountain to find Edna's kingdom.

As he was walking down the mountains, Troy found a little rock. It appeared to be ordinary rock; it was purple with red dots on it. Troy stared at the rock for a few minutes, decided it was not all that special, and tossed it along the mountain trail. He continued to walk down the mountain until he heard a small whisper that said, "Hey you!" Troy looked around but there was no one in sight. “Maybe it was just the wind,” he said quietly to himself and continued his way. Moments later, he heard someone yell, "I'm talking to you!" Troy knew it was not the wind this time! He didn't know who was talking to him, and it really frightened him. Then he heard it again, "Do you hear me yet?" Troy gasped and looked around him once more. Then he noticed the rock had followed him the whole time.

"Was... was that you little rock...?" Troy stammered.

"Yes it was! Finally you hear me!" exclaimed the rock.

Troy was so surprised, it took him a few minutes to mumble, "Who or what are you... and what do you want from me...?"

"I was sent from the Gods to help you," the rock replied.

Troy asked, "What are you going to help me with?"

The rock explained that he knew a way Troy wouldn't have to take Pete's place as Edna's slave; he explained a way they could both be free. "Really?! How?!" exclaimed Troy.

The rock handed Troy a little gold coin and replied, "Take this coin. When you get to the kingdom, I want you to quickly grab Pete and throw the coin at her guards. Her guards go crazy for gold, so when they see it, they'll fight over it. This will distract everyone."

Troy didn't know what to say. He was so happy the Gods listened to his prayer. He happily thanked the rock and continued his journey.

The End

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