A Trip to Town

Jessica was thrilled when Jordan informed her the next morning that she was interested in taking up her offer to go to town.  As they walked through the strip mall Jessica chattered away excitedly while Jordan just followed quietly behind her.

"How 'bout this?"  Jessica asked holding up a set blue and green comforter.  Jordan just shrugged.  Jessica placed it back on the shelf.  "there's got to be something that sticks out to you."  Jordan shook her head.  "well how 'bout this?"  Jessica picked up a set of white curtains and another set of black, "Which would you rather, white or black?"

Jordan didn't even look at her but just mumbled, "Black," under her breath as she watched a silver fish that darted across the floor.

Jessica put the white one down and picked up a royal purple one.  "Black or purple?"

Jordan still didn't look up at her as she answered, "Purple."

Jessica nodded trying not to let her excitement show.  "Ok so you like purple, that's a start."  She put down the black and picked up a lighter purple.  "ok so, purple or purple."

Jordan looked up now and nodded toward the darker purple.  Jessica couldn't hide her smile as she put back the lighter purple and then moved back to the comforters.  "what about doing black with purple accents?"

Jordan shrugged again as she crossed into another isle and pretended to look at the paint.  Jessica picked up a dark purple comforter and put it in the cart and Jordan rolled her eyes.  It was obvious that she was enjoying the whole thing a lot more than Jordan was.

Jessica came over to her and glanced over the paint cans that Jordan was interested in.  "If you want to paint your room we can."

Jordan shook her head, "I told you I don't plan on staying that long."

Jessica shrugged and turned toward the check out.  As soon as her back was turned Jordan grabbed a can of spray paint and tucked it under her oversized hoodie.  Jessica didn't even notice.

The End

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