"A House is not a Home"

Jordan didn't say anything the entire car ride.  Instead she sat staring out the window and bobbing her head slightly to the voices screaming out their pain in her ears.  She shut out all other feelings and focused just on the music flowing straight into her ears. 

Jessica drove through the mountains and Jordan did her best to pay attention to where they were going but the twists and turns made her dizzy and she gave up.  They finally pulled up in front of a decent size duplex and Jessica turned to her, "Well, this is it."

Jordan looked up to take in the house.  It was simple enough, made of red brick and tucked into the mountain as if the mountain had grown up around it.  Jessica pulled the car into the garage and stopped.  She got out with out saying anything and Jordan followed her lead.  She grabbed the single bag at her feet and followed the woman into the house. 

Jordan looked around the living room to see that the house was exactly what Jordan expected from a single woman.  Clean and organized each room nicely painted and sweetly decorated.  Jordan resisted the urge to vomit. 

"I put your stuff in the downstairs bedroom."  Jordan didn't say anything but just followed the woman down the stairs to where there was a sitting room.  Jessica opened the door to the bedroom and Jordan stepped in taking in the stark white contrast of this room compared to the rest of the house.  "I never got around to finishing it."  Jessica explained, "I thought I would leave it open for you to do what you want with it." 

Jordan didn't say anything.

"I thought we could go into town tomorrow and we could get some paint or something for it.  Something to make it a little more like home."

Jordan rolled her eyes.  This woman could be annoying when she was nervous.  "Look, lady, I don't plan on staying here.  I don't need your money or your sympathy.  This is just a house and a house does not make a home, so don't be expecting me to get all comfortabale here."

Jessica nodded and pursed her lips before continuing her nervous babble, "Well I'll leave you alone then.  The entire downstairs is pretty much yours except my office which is right across the hall.  There's a full bathroom right outside the door and I'm sure you saw the TV in the sitting room right out here.  You can have anything you can find in the kitchen, I usually go to town once a week for groceries and what not if you ever need anything.  I don't have an actual computer since I always use the one at work but - "

"Forget it.  I'll use my BlackBerry.  Is there anything else I need to know?"  She asked sarcasically.

"No,  think that covers it. "


"Alright then"  Jessica slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her.

As soon as Jessica was gone, Jordan fell back onto the bed, she had to get out of here.  Maybe she'd take Jessica up on her offer to go shopping just so she could get a better take on her surroundings. 

The End

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