Jordan has always been considered a troublemaker it's just in her genes. She's spent the last six years in foster care and has stopped caring about anything. All she wants is to have fun. But when a single woman from the other side of the Smokies decides to foster her Jordan is taken away from her friends and everything she's ever cared about. The battle begins as Jordan is determined to get back to the life she had before and Jessica is detemined to love Jordan no matter the cost. It's not until Jessica's own past is revealed that Jordan finally begins to open up and realize that there's more to this woman than meets the eye.

It was a full moon and the stars shone brightly.  For some the twinkling stars and the bright orange moon set off the perfect setting for a romantic night of stargazing and maybe a stolen kiss or two.  But not for the small gang of troublemakers who were lurking about the alleys, trying to avoid being revealed by the overly bright moon and its heavenly cohorts.  Ace stopped the group as they came to the end of the alley, glancing up and down the illuminated side street to be sure that no one was coming, before motioning for the group to cross. 

They scrambled across quickly and silently, laughing softly at their luck so far. “This is great, dude,” Skyler whispered.

Jordan grinned trying to hold back her laughter, “Yeah, so far no cops.”

“If we’re caught this time, it’s Juvi for sure.”  Rex said his white smile ghostly white in contrast to his black face.

“Will you guys shut up,” Jade hissed, “You’re sure to get Juvi if you don’t shut the heck up.”

The group continued on in silence not saying much of anything until they were near the school.  Ace pulled off the backpack and started handing out the bottles of spray paint.  They each took one, laughing quietly among themselves as they set to work. 

It was only about twenty minutes later that they heard the sirens, but by then they had already done enough damage to get them all a solid three months of community service or at least it would have if they weren’t repeat offenders.  But seeing as all five of them had been caught at one point or another and all of them had done their share of community service, the trouble they had caused tonight would be enough to get them all sent to Juvi for the rest of the year.

            “We got to get out of here!” Jade said dropping her can and grabbing Rex’s arm.  Rex nodded, his eyes darting in the direction of the sirens.

            Ace scoffed at the idea of leaving so soon, “Come on you guys those sirens are still far enough off, we don’t even know they’re coming here.  We got to finish what we started.”

            They went back to work as the sirens got nearer but after a few more minutes they couldn’t take it any longer and dropped their cans to run.  A couple minutes later Ace finished his part as well and ran off; dropping his spray can in the grass.

            “Come on Jordan,” Skyler said standing to his feet and dropping his spray can, “those sirens are almost here, we got to go.”

“I’m almost done,” She said as she placed her final touches on her mural.  Skyler helped her to her feet, then the two of them ran, the sirens getting closer with each passing second.  Jordan’s foot caught on a root and she stumbled forward, catching herself moments before her head hit the ground.  She rolled onto her side, pushing herself into a sitting position but it was too late to run now as the cop car pulled up beside her.

“Put your hands on your head and stay right where you are.” The officer said as he climbed out of his car.  She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her head.  She looked ahead to see Skyler pause and stare at her helplessly before rounding a corner and disappearing from sight.

The cop came to her side and forced her to her feet, after a quick check to be certain she was unarmed, he led her to the car, “You have –“

“I know I know,” She interrupted him, “I have the right to remain silent.”

The officer was unfazed by her sassiness and continued, “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”  He continued his speech but Jordan just blurred him out.  All she could think of was what would happen to her after she was let out of Juvi.  After all she was pretty sure her foster parents wouldn’t put up with her anymore after this one.  This would mean another foster home, the fifth one in six years.  The question was:  How long would this one put up with her antics before sending her away once again? 

                                     6 Months Later 

            Jordan felt like she could fly.  Six months of captivity and she was finally free.  The warden led her out into the visitor center where she expected to find her friends waiting to greet her.  She hadn’t seen them the entire time she was in prison, which had been expected, after all they wouldn’t want to be associated with her and risk captivity themselves.  She had been counting down the days when she would get to see them once again.  She couldn’t hide her disappointment when she saw Victoria Krammer, her social worker, waiting for her.

            The warden left her and Victoria came to stand in front of her.  Jordan crossed her arms in front of her, “Let me guess, the Walton’s are done putting up with my escapades and don’t want a felon like me anymore.”

            Victoria looked defeated, “Why can’t you just try to get a family to like you?”

            Jordan rolled her eyes, “because Miss Krammer,” Jordan said irritably, “you told me to be myself and being good isn’t me.”

            Victoria shook her head sadly and motioned for the door.  Jordan snorted and turned to open it.  “Please Jordan,” Victoria pleaded as she climbed into the car next to Jordan, “will you promise me that you’ll just try to be good in this new home?”

            Jordan crossed her arms across her chest and pulled her knees up so she could put her feet on the dashboard.  “I can’t promise that!” she said looking out the window. 

            Victoria sighed again and started the car.  “This woman sounds really nice.”

            “They all sound nice over the phone.”

            “Don’t you at least want to know what kind of family you’re going to be living with?”

            Victoria shot a look at Victoria, “Do you think it will make a difference?”

            Victoria bit her lip and Jordan smiled.  She loved pushing this woman’s buttons, knowing that she couldn’t snap or yell at her.  “Well maybe you’d like to know that you’ll be moving to Tennessee.”

            Jordan spun around, “WHAT!” She practically shouted, “I can’t move!  What about my friends and…and school?”

            It was Victoria’s turn to roll her eyes now, “Give me a break Jordan; you haven’t cared about school since the day you entered high school.  You and your friends have got to be the oldest freshman I’ve ever met.  I think it will be good for you to get some separation from your friends.”

            “How would you know what would be good for me?”  Victoria just shook her head, deciding it best not to answer the question, “Do I at least get to say good-bye?”

            The woman is coming today to pick you up, in fact she’s probably already waiting for you at the agency.”

            Jordan pursed her lips angrily and turned to look out the window again, “Whatever!”

The End

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