Time to go

                                  -“And then you ran away?”

The sun is rising, but still I lie there, looking out of the window. There’s nothing left for me here. I can always come back, but I have to at least try to look for a better life. The house has decayed so much that now I find it hard to recall memories of how things once were. If only I had to someone here with me, I know it would be easier.
Why is this so hard? My parents are dead, nothing can change that. Yet, I can’t walk out of the door with the prospect of leaving forever. Tears prick my eyes, but I brush them away. It’s only a house. It’s just a house. I don’t need to be here to be close to them. They wouldn’t want me to be unhappy.
I roughly force myself to turn around. I have to walk away. Between sobs, I try my best to take long, deep breaths. As much as I want to turn around, I know that by doing so I will risk returning home.
The sun is rising, higher and higher. Soon, everyone will wake up, and I will have to disappear.

I’ve been walking for what feels like days now. I’m not actually sure of my destination, but the looming darkness tells me to make up my mind fast.
What was I thinking?
I’m miles away from nowhere, with barely anything to keep me going. As rain begins to thunder down from the heavens, I take refuge in an old bus shelter.
I throw my bag in the corner, and analyse my surroundings. The walls are stained, and I’m sure that I can see two small eyes gleaming at me from the far end. I sit on my blanket, and huddle my knees for warmth. The light above me constantly flickers, on and off, and I’m hoping that the scarlet puddle on the opposite side of the shelter isn’t blood.  I clasp my eyes shut, and imagine myself at home.
I’m huddled on my parent’s bed, one on either side, watching the 6.00 news. The fireplace is comforting, and I gently toast my fingers over the sharp-tongued flames. Suddenly, a draft blows  in, and the curtains are ablaze. It’s spreading so fast, I don’t know what to do. I’m thrown from the room, followed immediately by loud explosions. I run outside. Someone’s screaming. I think it’s me……
I must have fallen asleep, as I awoke suddenly to loud noises all around me. There are hushed whispers, and a scuffling as they ran away. The light bulb has finally given up, but I don’t need the light to know that I’ve been robbed.

“How could you tell in the darkness?”
“I’d been leaning against my bag, but they’d taken everything.
I noticed the cold  in the absence of my blanket.”
“Were you left with anything?”
“The remains of my bag, torn shreds of material. They didn’t search
my shoes, so I was able to escape with the last of my savings.
It was all I had left, seeing as I no longer had a job. I was lucky to
get a bus ride, looking like I did.”
“So where did you go?”

Everything blurs as I travel past, my eyes unable to focus on anything before it becomes another part of the scenery. I was the last remaining passenger, still unable to decide on where to go.
The driver calls for the last stop, so I have no choice but to leave the comfort of my seat. I’m given a pitiful look by the driver, so I force myself to hold up my head and smile, as I thanked him for the ride.
As the bus pulls away, I’m showered with dead leaves in it’s wake. Despite the early hours, the cities lights glare through the crowds of people. I’m herded along through the brightly lit streets, until the force of the crowd eventually hustles me into a nearby alley. Everything is quiet, but my surroundings aren’t exactly appealing. I head behind a large bin, as I’m unable to keep my eyes open. Suddenly, I’m roughly pushed backwards, causing me to lose my balance over a pile of loose bricks. My head smacks the wall, and everything goes dark.

The End

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