Not quite a hercules

I woke feeling like a train hit me the night before? I thought back to the nights events and looked at the clock, 1:25p.m. I had slept over 12 hours, and was still tired from the beating I took the night before. I got up from the couch and looked around, I saw a large apartment who's main colr themes were black and white, almost like a photographer lived here. I laughed, then stopped as it hurt my ribs with the sudden motion, as I realized how odd the red blood on the white floor stood out so badly. My clothes were soaked with blood and some had dried on face beneath my craked lips and busted nose. I walked over to the shower and didnt bother to peel off my clothes, just walked in and turned on the shower. I had my forearm probbing me up against the wall, letting the water run down my back and wash the blood that I had been marinated in overnight to the stopper in the bottom of the shower. I turned the heat up slowly and let my body feel the burn, as I bent over to turn the knob and soon felt the reprucussions of that action all along my torso. I took off my shirt over my head and looked down only to see the inevidable, I was bruised beyond belief. My stomech looked like some abstract art with all shades of purple and blue splattered all over, and there was a swelling on the right side.

I turned off the shower, opened the sliding glass door, tossed my shirt in the sink and walked to my room to put on some dry clothes. I chose on a white T and some jeans to be matched with a pair of dark black Nike's. I walked over to my desk beide my bed, sat in the chair and looked out the window. I had a good view of the city, I could actually see that alley in which i bled so much last night. I saw the car that I had to drive to school so much, it was an old Sedan, in good condition, but not the best vehicle in the world. It was red and had a pine tree deodorizer hanging from the rear view miror that had nearly been burnt more than once by a lighter that shouldn't be near that particular make up of chemicals. Almost went up in flames like another friend I know of who almost lost his stereo to the mystical igniting air freshener.

I turned to my computer and Googled how to bandage a broken rib, I guessed it was broken because quite frankly I didn't know what happened to it and couldn't think of anything else that could cause the swelling. I was hellbent not to go to the doctor because i didnt want my parents to find out that I had been in a fight, and lost that is. You see my dad was a boxer back in his naval days, and my mom was a nurse, how stereotypical. But they never met while they were serving, he was a Quanico and she was at some small hospital I had never heard of in North Dakota. They actually met when he spotted her with a date at some resteraunt after he had a rather nasty breakup. The rest is wierd for me, speakin that im the kid, and Im not going to talk about it.

I bandaged my wounds following the instructions that the all mighty internet gave me and fixed the rest of my cuts and bruises to the best of my abilities, I even used my mom's make-up. When I finished I walked over to my bookbag and picked up my homework due Monday, I had to study for spanish and complete a report for english, all well. I decided it could wait, I was in too much pain still to be doing work, so I decided to get something to eat. I walked into the kitchen to wipe the blood off my hands from dealing with all those cuts. I looked up over the street through the window and who do I see? I saw her.

The End

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