trouble with a hero

This is about a kid in a New York Highschool that means well and does his best to get along without trouble, but is learning that things get complex too fast sometimes.

Man, this stuff always happens to me! No, no I can't just walk by or ignore the problem, I have to stop and try to fix it, got to be all heroic like some kin of Clint Eastwood of the west side story. How on God's green earth am I supposed to get anything done now! My hand is broken, rib shattered, legs bleeding and i still have another block to go! Oh, I'm so sorry, let me catch you up real quick on this screwed up, jacked up, totally whack situation I have managed to get myself into.

First thing I have learned today, don't be a hero. I tried to be a hero and man oh man I got the crap beat out of me. I did the little hero and this is some reward, maybe this is why there isn't a real batman out here flying around saving people, he probably got the crap beat out of him like I did and decided,"Wow, screw this I'm gonna be a millionaire so that I don't have to have that happen again." At least that's my plan now.

So this is what happened. I was walking back to school at the usual time, about 3:30 pm, I turned the corner on fifth and main and here in fromt of me is this beauiful girl I have seen a few times at school. Gorgeous brown hair with light blonde highlights, perfect green eyes, oh and did I mention her name is Alexa? David and Alexa, I think I could get used to that...Anyway, she is walking in front o me and I guess you could say I was,"Enjoying my view." When all of a sudden these two guys walkup beside her and slap her butt. No big deal, I mean pretty girls like her probably have to deal with stupid jerks like that 24/7, right? But they wouldn't stop harssing her, kept grabbing at her and touching her where no kid aught be touching a young lady, and then they grabbed her wrist with a steel vice grip and pulled her into an alley.

Well I got saw this and immediatly I ran after them into the alley. It was dark, trash was flung from one side to the other and a dumpster with some graffiti was tatooed on it was sitting there in the middle as if it was the centerpiece to the rest of the spray painted brick walls. They pushed her against a wall and grabbed for her, well lets just say they grabbed for her and leave that at that. She was slappng him the whole time and yelling, that is until they smacked her.

That is when I chose to make my move, I ran in and snatched the one of the two closest to me by the back of his shirt then swung him into the wall headfirst. I figured he was down for the count, so I turned and went for the other, who had by now, turned to face me with a small knife in hand. He stabbed overhand and I matched forearm to forearm and kicked his stomach, he flew back and smashed into a dumpster. At this point I thought I was kickin butt and taking names, thats when I kicked the knife under the dumpster and went on after the punk still recovering from his sudden stop by the waste managment department. He swung right with a haymaker that I then tried to block, he pulled short and tackled me to the wall. I hit my head pretty hard on the cold red brick, more than enough to daze me from the first of the next few hits.

 I came back to my senses to realize he had been pounding me in the rib, I swung desperatly, just hoping to land a hit, I was hoing in vain. I was way high, he just ducked and threw a few more punches in to my body, he was relentless. All of a sudden my right I closed from some hard boney limb that I still couldn't place even if I was fully concious, man he was fast. I swung blindly now, unable to think or feel any self protection, suddenly I felt a snap and heard a crack as he landed a solid kick to my ribcage once again, then i hit the ground. I landed on my back, I think, but my hands went wide and he stomped on my left hand hard, and preceded to kick me brutally. I felt body parts bruise, felt blood trickling down my face, and felt my vision start to fade, then it all went black.

I woke with a start, not sure where I was or what happened, but my ravaged body soon reminds me, I just got whipped by a kid from the hood. This is me as of now, bleeding from everywhere it seems, sore and in need of some serious help. Oh dang this hurts worse than any beating I've ever gotten, I ain't ever been beat like this. I need to get to the house so I can sleep, not a good way to end the week. One foot at a time, left, right, left, right, just keep thinking that, I'm only a couple of blocks away. I guess I acually made it home, although I don't remember much other than the pain I felt. I do however remember fumbling with the key vaguely, and I guess the last thing I remember is hitting the counch with a solid thud, not caring much of the blood that would undoubtledly stain the fabric. 

The End

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