Trouble In Paradise.

The main character in this story is Chloe. She is telling the story from the memory of the night she let her brother die.

I'm standing on the shore, looking out into the sea. I do this every summer, before I leave for home. Except this time, I won't be returning home. This is my home now. Everythings changed this year, if I'd have known something like this would have happened, I'd have never had come in the first place.
I can't really complain, this is a beautiful paradise. But it's not right anymore, nothing is. Not since my brother Ryan died here last week.
Everything happened so fast. Everything changed so quickly. I should of helped. I could have helped. But I didn't. Suddenly everything that happened, all the emotions and images flood back into my head. I stagger back and land on a cold flat rock but instead of standing back up, I stay sitting. I can't move. I haven't though about that night since it happened, I've had nightmares, but I have never faced the true events of that night before.

25th August 2003

The sun was out, shining brightly through the thin layers of cloud that hovered above our little island. I was sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand, I had my favourite summer top on. It has a picture of all of us on. Me, Mum, Dad and Ryan all pulling silly faces, we got it printed before we came. I had my brown hair pulled up into pigtails with sparkly silver hair ties. My Mum and Dad were at the Cafe, buying me and Ryan ice cream.
Ryan's my older brother and he hates family holidays. He only comes to get away from home, he hates our new house. We've only been there 2 years, we moved because my mum got re married.
He's sitting on the beach, far away from me. His brown long hair sticking up in odd places, his baggy shorts and no tshirt, which show just how muscley he really is.
Ryan keeps looking out to sea and I'm guessing he wants to go from a swim, he loves swimming. I can swim, but not as well as he can. He got lessons unlike myself, but thats the same with most things. Ryan always gets what he wants. He used to always tease me saying Mum and Dad loved him more and he was their favourite, he told me so much I started to believe it.
As soon as Mum and Dad returned to the beach, Ryan jumped up. Gulped his ice cream down and ran towards the sea. Any excuse to be away from us.
'BE CAREFUL!' Mum called after him, though I doubt he was listening. I wanted so badly to run after him, swim with him, be like him. He hated that, if I clung to him, he said I should find my own sad little friends to play with.

At dinner, Ryan said he wanted to go for a walk around the Island, which is odd because he doesn't like walking and complains everytime we do. I must have been the only one to pick up on this as Mum and Dad just nodded.
Once we got back to the cottage we stayed in, Ryan quickly got changed and was out the door. I was too eager, too intrested to see what he was doing. I followed him, sliping out the back door so I wasn't spotted. I kept to the shadows. The island was pretty scary in the night but I stayed focussed on why I was here.
I was led to the beach. I saw Ryan throw on some swimming shorts.

Swimming? at this time?

He jumped in and I could see him in the pale moonlight. I felt settled, there wasn't anything wrong after all. Just as I was turning to leave I heard it.

'Arhhh HELP!'

It was Ryan.
I know it was Ryan.

I spun round to see him fighting in the water. I ran down to the beach, right to the shore.


'RYANNNN' i called, although my voice was strained.


I froze. He hadn't used my name in years, usually refering to me as 'thing' or 'it'

I couldn't move.


i wouldn't move. He was my brother, I know that. But I wanted this to happen, I wanted him to suffer for everything he's said to me, everything he's put me through.

I watched.

I watched as he stopped screaming. His lungs fill with water. His face turn pale. This fighting getting weaker. His falling beneath the surface.

Thats when i raced in and pulled him out, I knew he was already dead, but it had to look like I tried, right?

I left him on the beach while I raced back to get Mum and Dad. I dragged them to the beach to show them what had happened.

Everything Changed.

This is the spot where the sea took his life. This is where I did nothing to save my helpless brother. This is where I let him die.

The End

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