A girl needs to learn how to be good to impress a boy and her best friend tries to teach her! Along the way these two girls have a few horrible yet funny Problems!

        "Nope never seen her before" I Whispered.  "Oh My Gosh!  I can't believe it!  You still haven't seen 'her'?" Rhi-Rhi Whispered.  "Well, how is that bad i mean if she is that bad then-" I never finished that sentence.  "Office, Now!" is all I herd, i knew it  was for me and I was not going to ignore it. It was Mrs. Fonseca and she was getting me to go to the office so I can, yet again, get in trouble.  So, I got up and walked to the office.

         "Again, Haley?  Really?" Said Mr. Matti.  "What did you do this time?  Super Glue lockers together?  Get a pencil stuck it some ones ear?  Wait, did you hit Caleb with a hammer again?  I swear he had a bump on his the size of Texas!" "Acually I was talkin' with Rhi-Rhi in class." I said in a normal voice.  You learn not to be scared of Principals after getting into trouble so much.  "Really? Goodness Gracious Haley!  Either your lying or you were talking bout something terrible!  I'm going to call the teacher to make sure!" That made me giggle! He just could not believe that i was telling the truth!  "Alright, but I'm not lying."  As he called Mrs. Fonseca I looked around the room.  It was a rather nice decore with leather comfy chairs, a large black desk.  But then again it didn't look right because the desk was covered in papers and pens and pencils and one computer and one laptop!  This is what my school pays for?  "Okay I guess your free to go because Rhiannon said that you wernt talkin' about anything bad and we have reason to trust her!  Is this the first time i have ever let you go with out punishment?" he said.  "Well I guess so!" And with that i was outta there!

The End

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