April 9th 1971Mature

A bullied boy grows up to be a bullied man and snaps, going on a mass murder shooting with a twist

April 9th, 1971

He walked home this way every day. Same time, same route. His name was Robert Walker, eleven years old. He was short for his age and also slightly underweight which made him an easy target for the larger and crueler children in his classroom.

Today Robert was eager to get home to feed his new kitten, Mr. Winston, and to introduce his cat to his best friend, Steven, who lived next door and who was a year younger than Robert. As he was walking along, thinking of his friend and cat, he failed to see the three kids up the block who were waiting behind the shrub on the corner of the street he turned on to everyday.

"Hey, you little faggot!"  Yelled Mark Jackson, classmate and perpetual tormentor of Robert and a few other kids in their class. Mark, who was at least a head taller, 30 pounds heavier and who had a propensity to always have an audience when he picked on those smaller then him.

"Haha, you shouldnt have told on him!" said Jim Cutler, Mark's number one fan and friend as he pushed Robert to the ground.

At this point, the third one,  Charlie Medford,  spoke up with glee at the prospect of getting to watch a fight, albeit a one-way fight. "yeah, you should have kept yer mouth shut, asshole. Now Mark's gonna beat the potatoe's out of ya for being a little snitch bitch."

As Robert lay on the ground thinking of a way out of this, he knew he would have to lie to Mark and stall him long enough for an adult to happen by. "Mark, I didn't say anything, I swear to god I didn't!"

Mark pulled Robert up by the hood of his coat, Robert whining, "I didn't do anything." Mark pulled back his fist and punched Robert full in the face. Robert fell to the ground and covered his head as Charlie and Jim proceeded to kick him repeatedly until Mark yelled "car comin, let's get out of here!"

Robert lay there whimpering as the car went by, the driver not interested in getting involved.

The End

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