River of Stars

The sun was falling off to its slumber in the west when a triad of wasps came out to the ruins.
"Yayark!" they called.
"Where are you!? The worms on two legs destroy the west hive and you sleep in the bones of a forgotten wormhold! Where..." the loud wasp halted in the air.
"Ya?," the leader of the triad called to the broken wasp.
"What has happened to you?" he said, all mirth drained from his words, clicking his mandibles loudly.
The other two of the triad buzzed in from the outskirts of the rubble, responding to the click of the leaders jawteeth.
"I have been ..." Yayark whispered from the top of the pillar, but was stopped short.
"He has survived judgement." said a deep hissing voice from behind the triad.
In the blink of an eye, the two outer wasps turned and attempted an aerial flank-and-threat maneuver.
This move usually resulted in one of two things; a simple submission or a series of deadly stinger attacks that left naught but the heartiest of creatures paralized. These winged scorpions were fearsome creatures in their land. The ones who are trained in proper warfare are deadly to a degree of legacy. However, at their first movement, they found themselves spinning out of control; a wing rent from their body.
"What ..is.. " the leader screamed, but his words trailed off into silence. The full length of the white serpent-lord presented before him. Then he saw his hivemates plummeting in a spiral to the ground, vainly attempting to beat the air with a single wing.
"Indeed, spawn of Screegund, gifted of Gikertoninvee, winged menace of the north. Indeed. What IS this?" Tritavas spat, hissing at the end.
The leader landed on the pillar, where Yayark lay -too tired to stand, stepping over and tripping on him.
"What have we done to deserve the grace of your presence, lord?" the wasp sputtered, attempting to remember any bit of decent repose he had learned from the elders.
"Save your weak attempts to weave a cloak of decency about yourself, shosai'ola!" hissed the white lord.
The wasp knew vaguely what the serpent meant; something like "Broken Note" which implied that hiveborn where children of the song, but forever subject to the disharmony of the strings from which they were born.
"Go before me and show me to the Hi'stos," Tritavas spoke calmly now.
"I will hear their grievance, if there is indeed one."
"I hear you, lord, and I will do as you say," spoke the wasp.
"but do understand that the ... Hi'stos ... will be unlikely to abide any council. They follow no laws but their own and seek to destroy anything they fear."
"They will fear me, and they will abide my judgement or face banishment from these lands!" boomed Tritavas.
"Now go, before I loose patience with you." his stare was like cold fire on the wasp and his words like a whip. The wasp launched himself off the pillar and was on the air. Looking back only for a second, the triad leader saw Yayark lay motionless on the top of the pillar. "You will pay for this." he thought to himself.

Off in the distance, the Eastwelt hivesquad saw a strange sight. Where four of their brothers had gone to the old rubble, now only one returned. Following it appeared to be a river of salt, winding its way uphill towards them through the grass and brush of the field. Both were traveling at a furious pace.
"Something is wrong.." said Chennech, a decorated Highflank of the Eastwelt, as he perched in the dense foliage of a Brenka Tree at the threshold of the forest. Next to him were two of his hivemates, Roarark and Koa, who respected Chennech and had served with him on countless forays into battle.
"What is this white river that rides the grass, and on the foot of one of our brothers?" Koa said, hesitantly.
"And where are the others? Did not Yayark go out? and the Red Spears from Westwelt go to retrieve him?" Roarark added.
Chennech was silent. Watching the fearsome river grow larger upon the bank that rose up from the field to the forest. Then he saw what it was.
"Fall back, fools! Its Salt Shine! White lord from the Trivault, come back from the depths of the world to vanquish the sons of Screegund!" Chennech wailed in terror, nearly falling paralyzed before taking flight. He did not look back. The other two fell in behind without so much a question. The tales of Tritavas were well known to their kind -that one day he would return, and if their vows to the Council of Nessor and the White Children were broken, he would "Return them to dust, and raize every hive upon the face of the world".

The End

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