Returning to Dirt

Tritavas, the great Salt Shine, travels forth into the world after an age of rest inside his ashen Nova-Phoenix Egg. He discovers in the ruins of an ancient place that the Wasps, who had been given leniency in ages past for their devious tendencies, were now again "Upon the Scale".
"They will fear me, and they will abide my judgement or face banishment from these lands!" -Tritavas

Tritavas was resting in the ruins of an ancient tower.
A loud buzzing disturbed his sleep.
He went out and heard nothing.
He rested again.
Buzzing again disturbed his sleep.
Tritavas tried to ignore it and eventually it subsided.
Long into the night, Tritavas was awoken by a dark, troublesome dream.

In the morning, quickly and quietly, Tritavas slithered up from his hidden place amongst the fallen stones to investigate the return of the buzzing.
A giant Wasp was picking up large stones from the rubble and carrying them off.
Curious, Tritavas lay low in the stones and watched the wasp fly west to a dark forest.
A little while later the wasp returned and grabbed another stone and flew off.

When the wasp returned the next time, Tritavas exposed himself a little and said in a deep voice like the coming of thunder in the distance,
"What are you doing with these stones young warrior?"
Startled, the wasp dropped the stone and flew to the top of a tall pillar.
"You startled me serpent," said the wasp.
"I did not mean to catch you off guard sky scorpion. It is my nature to be hidden until I want to be seen." said Tritavas, keeping a low and cautious tone.
The giant wasp tapped one of his feet on the pillar and relaxed a little.
"I am... I am assisting some of the Chordless Men... to build a house," the wasp said with some hesitation in his voice.
"They are vulnerable and have little ways about them to build a safe hive for themselves." its voice becoming stronger and compassionate as it spoke.
Though he heard the compassion in the wasps words, there was something else in its voice that concerned Tritavas.
"Why do you concern yourself with the affairs of Meark's Children? You know they are protected by the Children of Muuinn and the Council of Nessor." Tritavas spoke with an air of authority, raising up his head yet not revealing his full length.
"Council of Ness...." the wasp muttered under his breath, taken aback by the ancient reference. Shaking his head he continued.
"I know well the laws set for the defenseless wor... works of art created by the great Meark."
 the giant wasp stuttered and revealed another blemish in his deception.

"When a wasp of the northern mountains," Tritavas spoke with a darkening tone as he slowly rose up. "... descendant of the scorpions of Screegund, speaks praise to Meark, questions arise in my mind."
The wasp crouched low on the top of the high pillar, his wings nervously twitching. Tritavas was now leveling eyes with him.
"I swearrr lord," the wasp spoke in a quivering tone, recognizing the full majesty of the serpent.
"I am but a soldier of the Broken Root Squadron, serving the command of my masters," the wasp said, cowering under the deadly glare of Tritavas.
"Tell me wasp," hissed Tritavas.
"What is the real reason you transport stones to the western woods?"
"I fly over the fires of the shameless men who light fires in our woods and burn our hives." wasp said in a pained tone.
Tritavas slapped his great tail on the ground. Rocks tumbled. The Pillar shook in its place but did not fall over. A peel of terror escaped the silent ruins. An echo returned from the lower valley to the east.
"I asked you what you did with the stones, nesche qaneas!" Tritavas spat venom at the last words.
The wasp lurched back to avoid the venom.
"We drop them on the fires to burn the men and scare them away from our forest, Salt!" gasping, the wasp froze after speaking so boldly before the fearful silver-white serpent lord of ancient origin.
Before the wasp could react, the shining serpent struck out and bit off the wings of the wasp and crushed it stinger upon the rough stone pillar.
"I have returned you to the dirt wasp!"
"You are banished from the sky and the gift of Gikertoninvee is sundered!" Tritavas writhed in fury and spat venom at the name of the Dark Tear of Meark. The glistening poison dripped from the wings still stuck in his mouth.
"You dare to break the oath, and to speak with such disrespect in my presence!?"
"I am... a product... of the ways of my kind, great lord..." the wasp said through the shame and agony.
At length the great serpent's head came so close that the wasp could have easily reached out and grabbed one of his own dismembered wings.
"I will give you one chance to redeem yourself, ant!" lord Tritavas sneared, his forked tongue flicking out.
"Anything lord," the wasp responded without hesitation.
Tritavas was as stone, staring at the wasp without moving.
Tritavas regained his composure and shook his head, freeing the wing from its venomous trap.
"When will the your brothers come look for you?" Tritavas said, looking off in the direction of the woods.
"Soon, lord." The insult did not get past the "ant".
"Good." the serpent muttered before slipping back quietly into his hiding place.
"But, but lord....," the broken wasp stammered.
"How do I get down.." he whispered to himself, understanding now that the snake meant to leave him there.

The End

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