Tritavas and the Hawks of Faelel

This work is a draft summary that is part of a series called "The Legends of Tritavas".

The Red Hawks of the Fae Land where a menace to a great deal of the other predators in the region. Rare need led the wolves of the West Corr to the fields and mountains of the Faelel. Although the hawks were feared predators in their lands, they respected the cycles and never took more than was needed for their kin.

After the Crab God "emerged and slayed The White River", Tritavas was considered dead. In several different accounts, Tritavas was considered to be either "a wandering vengeful spirit" or "the restless visage of the White Lord". This was due mainly to the fact that he had been spotted on several occassions after the "crab god" insident and was considered a ghost. Most had never seen him in the first place, but his death story was passed far and wide. None of the ancient Lords of Trivault had ever been slain before. The Crab God gained, as a result, a polarity of recognition. There were many who believed the Crab God was evil and had destroyed one of the last bastions of wisdom and hope in the world. Others believed the Crab God had relieved the world of a relentless trickster Immortal.

It had been nearly an age since the Tritavas of Trivault had been seen last in the midlands. During this time the Red Hawks of Faelel wrought a serpent free area. Any snake kin would be removed from their head upon sight. Hives of snakes were long since gone and any of the serpent kind that was in the Redblight, was there on purpose and in a desperate need to cross the plains.

At Sunrise, the Privimaeva(The Divider, or Divided) -as was Tritavas' name to the Eagles in those times, approached as a river of salt. The glare was nearly blinding to any that would directly upon him in the morning sun. The eagles, seeing the approach from high in their perch on Mt. Misraut (Moon Bird) which reached high into the sky. The entire hawk nation of the Faelel gathered at the Hatching Hills in the center of the Fae Lands. The Privimaeva was approaching from the north and in the shadows of the eastern sun, created a perfect cover for the red hawks.

The End

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