Trinity: A familiar stranger

When I awaken from my dead-faint, there is a strange girl standing over me. She has strawberry-blonde hair styled into two plaits, each with overly-long tassels. Her skin is just as pale as mine, and her eyes are large and grey. 

"You awake?" She grins. "Sorry. I didn't realize it was your first time world-jumping..." Seeing my mystified look, she tails off. "I'm Vega, by the way." 

The name rings a bell in the back of my head, and I search her face, looking for where I might have seen her before. After a few moments, I realize she is staring at me expectantly. I look away from her penetrating, grey-eyed stare, embarrassed.. Wait! That's it! Grey eyes! Exactly the same grey as mum... Curious... 

"And your name is...?" She says, her smile widening. "Ditzy much?" She giggles. 

"Um, Trinity, my-my name's Trinity. But, um, you can call me Trin, or Trinny, uh, I mean, everyone does.. So, um its cool..." It is my turn to tail off, feeling my cheeks go a horrible red. 

"Aw, don't blush!" She says, holding out her hand to help me up. She pulls me up, and then looks at her watch. Her eyes widen. "Crud! I am going to be SO late for school... What am I going to do with... Ok. Trin, you are coming with me to school." 


The End

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