Trinity: The Vortex

"Trin! Trinny! Wakey wakey sweetheart, its time to get up!" Mum's voice calls up the stairs, waking me. I stir, groaning. I never have been a morning person. "Trin? You up?" 

"Unngh!" I moan in reply. After a few seconds, mum's face is in the doorway, a big smile on it. I've never met my dad. Mum says he ran off as soon as she told him she was pregnant... Still, I've always said that we're far better off without any stupid boys to mess us around. 

"Come on!" Mum smiles, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet. 

"Unngh..." I protest half-heartedly. She squeezes my hand, before heading out of the door and down the stairs, no doubt on her way to make breakfast. Reluctantly, I change from my comfy pjs to my irritating school uniform. It consists of a white shirt, black skirt, red tie and red jumper. I groan when I see my reflection. My short black hair is sticking up in every single direction, and I have dark shadows under my eyes. I grab my brush and begin to tackle the snarls. After five straight minutes my hair is hanging straight again, and my fringe is actually on my forehead, not sticking into the air. I smear some concealer on the dark shadows, and line my eyes with a little black kohl, coating my lashes with mascara. I have the amazingly good fortune of having perfect, porcelain-like skin, and have never had a spot in my life, much to my friend's irritation. 

I stuff some breakfast, and kiss mum goodbye before grabbing my lunch and bag, and then slamming out of the house. I am half-way to school when a strange swirl of colors catches my attention from the corner of my eye. I head down the little alley. There, in the center of the alley, seemingly floating in mid-air, is a swirl of colors. I sit back, admiring it for a moment, and am just about to leave, when a hand shoots through the swirl and pulls me through.. 

The End

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