Trinity and Vega.

Two Girls. Two cities. Two worlds. Now their worlds will collide...

Trinity and Vega.

Two girls.

Two cities. 

Two Worlds. 

Now their worlds will collide... 

Trinity is 15. 

Vega is fifteen. 

Both lead ordinary lives. 

Until Trinity meets Vega. Then their worlds will never be the same again... 

Trinity lives in London, Earth. 

Vega lives in London, Earth, too. But her Earth is totally different. In her world, kids have super-powers, animals can talk and there is no such thing as "Global warming". 

Her world seems like Trinity's dream come true... 

But Vega knows that with every superhero comes a super villain, and her oh-so-perfect parallel Earth isn't as perfect as Trinity may think... 

The End

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