Tricky Witch (Working Title)


Guinevere stared out the window, tears streaming freely down her cheeks. She watched the children play, the adults talk, and the elderly quietly watch. Gwen desperately wished she could go outside and run around, breathe the pine fresh air, but she was forbidden to do so.

                    Her parents were under the impression the she was mad, but she wasn't. Guinevere had told them that she could do things, things that normal humans couldn't do, her parents didn't believe her - of course - but she could actually do those things.

                    So, Guinevere had practiced with her powers, had gotten more time to experience with them. And the night before her birthday, she had showed her parents. They had gotten frightened and had called her a 'freak.'

                    Ever since that incident, her parents never looked at her the same way. They never talked to her. Never acknowledged her presence. They told her to stay inside, and never go out again.

                    Poor Guinevere, she was going to live her life without ever going outside. Or ever having friends.

                    A knock on the door broke young Gwen from her trance, and she ran to the door to get the mail, it was her only job every day. She opened the door, and got the pile of letters. She sorted through them one by one, all saying to Mr. or Mrs. Mite. But when she got to the last envelope, something surprised her. Printed in black in the middle of the white paper, was her name. Her full name, Guinevere Laurel Mite.

The End

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