It had all began when Theresa Gregory found out that she was with child did everything in her life started falling apart. Nobody knew for certain who the baby daddy was, until the lab results came in with a positive match to Eric Samuel whose body was found couple months prior to her knowing that she was pregnant.

Why was Theresa denying that she ever had relations with Eric Samuel? Could it be because her so-called fiancé Jerome Williams found out that she was pregnant for another man resulting in Eric Samuel’s sudden death? Theresa had come to terms knowing that Jerome was not the same person she had fallen in love with. Instead, he remains quite illusive whilst suffering from multiple personality disorder, which in turn makes him highly dangerous with intention to cause Theresa harm, even though she is carrying another man’s child.

On the eve of 23rd after a night out with her friends, Theresa then made the drastic decision of taking a scenic route home due to a large crowd blocking the entryway, of an old run down tunnel leading into the downtown core to where she lived. Within several minutes of taking the detour, it was then Theresa being aware of her immediate surroundings, realized that she was being followed.  It was then that she began to reach into her handbag for an unopened can of pepper spray before she begun to realize that it was just a young couple on their way home from celebrating their best friends 30th birthday. 

Before reaching the corner of a nearby coffee house, it was then that Theresa began to come to her senses about the life she no longer wanted to be part of with her crazed fiancé Jerome Williams.  The moment that she arrived home, Theresa had discovered that laying upon the floor of her studio apartment was an unusual letter. How did it get there? Where did it come from?  It had taken Theresa several moments to realize that it was probably a death threat from her psychotic fiancé Jerome Williams, promising that he would end her life as he saw fit for the pain that she has caused him over the years they have been together.

Theresa could not see any other wat out of the mess, knowing that it would result in her eventually having to take her leave, following by the mere thought of what would come next after reading Jerome’s death threat. What would come next would take Theresa by surprise, leaving her fearing for her life. She did not care what Jerome began to think of her, she only dared to reason whilst knowing that she was in trouble.  It was hardly anything that she could not handle without there being anything that could actually get her killed in the process.

As she stared into the darkness, through the open window of her bedroom, it was then she realized that death threat was a mere warning for something for her to be afraid of.  A quarter of an hour had past; before there she had realized was a heft knock at her apartment door. It was time. She had fought against it for so long knowing that it was never going to be easy for her. As she approached the door, and looked through the peephole that is when she began to speak.

“Who is it and what do you want?” demanded Theresa with uneasiness in her voice.

After several minutes trying to get an answer from the stranger on the opposite side of the door, it was clear that the stranger did not want to conversion in conversation, but instead was there to finish the job that Jerome had started. Perhaps it was a hitman hired by Jerome to get rid of my body without actually attracting unwanted attention.

It was after an hour that she began to realize that she was alone in silence again, but suddenly, a notification had appeared on her phone indication that she had a new text message it apparently was from Samantha her best friend since her early childhood days.   The text message had read, “Meet me at Notes Coffee House @ 11:30 sharp, and make sure that you are alone.”

 Why did she want to meet Theresa there? Did she want to tell Theresa that her and Jerome where something, a thing now and did not want her to freak out. Or perhaps Samantha wanted to tell her that Jerome and herself had something to do with Eric Samuel’s meaningless death.

The End

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