The murder which shock everyone by surprise was now being publicized throughout the entire country, until Detective Larocque was here to solve the murder of Eric Samuels.

It had been several weeks before Eric Samuel’s body was found mutilated in his apartment complex. The upheaval outside of his flat was like hungry, ravenous vultures swarming in and around a half-eaten carcass just to get the scraps. It had not yet occurred to the Scotland Yard that they were now dealing with a merciless lunatic with the murderous tendencies to lay harm to innocents. Upon the discovery, which could explain how, Eric Samuel was found with his throat slit whilst lying in what appeared to be petrol. It clearly shows that he was trying to defend himself from a robbery or murder that took a turn for the worst.

Raymond Monteil a crime scene specialist, who has thoroughly examined the grisly scene, declared that Mr. Samuel was murder, which had meant the killer was still at large. It so happens that beyond the police barricade stood a group of short-tempered news reporters who were fascinated by the level of pandemonium outside of Eric Samuel’s  apartment complex, which however, is what drove them to the grim scene.  It so happens that one the other side of the police barricade stood a small group of members of the press, who happen to have come from all over London to get the up-to-date facts of the investigation that, is underway.

As the morning, rains began to press on, Officer Claudette d'Allemagne who had not managed to get a word or two out of many of Eric’s neighbors before they slammed the door in her face as to say.

“Fuck Off?”

It was not before, long before the entire neighborhood started snooping around to find out why a number of outfitted Metropolitan Police Officials had made their way into the now blocked off entryway of what used to be Eric Samuel’s flat. A quarter of an hour, later one after another television crews from all over where now piling in trying to keep the public updated on the development that was in progress. Minutes later Detective Inspector Theophile Braque had arrived on the scene with a half cup of Starbucks coffee in his grasp, whilst making himself known to the police officials on duty.  


Meanwhile, as a number of equipping Crime Scene Investigators had started emerging from the large yellow and white canvas tents, located on the left hand side of the cobbled roadway, but the entrance to the apartment complex behind it, and the body however was found completely drenched in what appeared to piss and shit. After Detective Inspector Braque was granted permission to enter the apartment complex, it was then that the vulgar smell of the moldering body got the better of him. Then Detective Braque spoke whilst reacting to the smell.


“Who the fuck can work in an environment that smells like a goddamn latrine?” reacted Braque.


He then opened the door after spending several minutes contemplative over the lifeless, dead body that used to be Eric Samuel to find a number of photographers standing there before him in front of the white picket fence, taking photo after photo to show the public that Detective Inspector Braque was here to solve Eric Samuel’s murder. The apartment complex, which was now, stood empty with its walls smeared in blood, piss and shit, which, however, stood out from the rest of the apartment complex on the entire block. Under normal circumstances, Braque would speak his mind, if he were not taking antidepressant medication to keep his anxiety level up to a minimal.


The moment Mary Jane Griswold of the Daily Herald had walked into what she had expected to be a hectic police barricade; she had felt the immediate tension grew between the Police Officials and the Crime Scene Investigators who had found nothing that could link the killer to Eric Samuel’s uneventful homicide. It was then that Detective Inspector Braque was approached by a handful of irritable reports, including Mary Jane Griswold, who were bound to find the connection that linked Eric’s next-door neighbor Vincent Aubert to the homicide, but had no form of luck.

Detective Inspector Theophile Braque’s irritation has become exonerated whilst trying to focus on the number of photographers that have been cordoned off by the police barricade and yet demand they have a right to take a few photographs to entice the public to know the truth centering on the homicide that took the city by surprise. What could have been a complete surprise to the Metropolitan Police simply by underestimating the capability of the already precarious acknowledgement to which drove Vincent Aubert to commit such a belligerent and contemptible acts of violence?

Detective Inspector Braque had not seen anything like that in his twenty years of investigating serious crime and act upon the intelligence that can lead to an arrest. It was then that the realization had come to him that the hooded figure was none other than Vincent Aubert or otherwise known as Viktor Büchner was now a wanted criminal for over seventy-five murders that took place all over the Europe.

Then, there had come a moan of frustration coming from the Metropolitan Police since it has been verified that Mrs. Marie-Bibiane Robichaud an eyewitness to the Eric Samuel’s murder. It has become clear that she had been lying to Detective Inspector Braque, since she had made it clear that she never really saw the murder take place.  In fact, Mrs. Robichaud an alcohol additive had claimed that she had singed herself into a medical facility; before it had become known that, a key suspect had come out of hiding.

It was clear that Eric Samuel’s was murdered, after a moment of dumbfounded interval the story had gained momentum, which drove the story into a recession. However, it was then that Mary Jane Griswold of the Daily Herald had written that the murder was not accidental, but instead it was merely a show intended not for the faint of hearts.

It was neither the time nor place that the madness had worn itself into oblivion, which meant that the handful of reporters and group of photographers had a choice to exit the surrounding premises, or be escorted by the police since many of them already had enough information they needed to make the six o’clock news.

Unbelievably the hysteria that was building around premises of the apartment complex was now dying down to a minimal. It was about time that the crowded streets full of busy Londoners who then began to vacate back into their many shops and houses with knowing that a closet friend and neighbor was murdered just a couple houses down from them.

After a long wait, the commotion to, which was something that wore itself into a nostalgic conclusion. Not everything is as proclaimed as misguided propaganda, but it remains quite ambiguous knowing that a group of reporters had nothing left to say, despite everything, which had been speculated over, had already been said in terms of the Eric Samuel homicide.

The End

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