Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me Something Good to EatMature

A little story/poem for Halloween

Trick or Treat
 Smell my Feet
Give me something Good to eat

There once was a little boy
This little boy liked to play
He would play any game that he could
But no one liked to play with him

They all thought him weird
All because he lived in a haunted house
The little boy didn't think this was true
His house wasn't haunted
Save for a ghost or two

His mother told him that those were just lies
He didn't believe her because at that moment, she had no eyes
His father agreed with his mother
He told him that it was only each other
The little boy didn't believe him either
Because when the little boy looked, he had not a mouth neither

The little boy went to school
The little boys and girls making a ghoul
They didn't let the little boy play
 Because all the ghost had his house to stay

The little boy missed his bus
It was too nice a day to make a fuss
Halloween was here and the grave yard was near

The little boy walked between the tombstones
Reading the names of the dead
Until he saw one that made him stop
A little boys name was at the very top

The little boy peered closer
“here lays the dead”
the tombstone read
“such a nasty event
for this little boy should not have went”

The little boy could see no more
The weeds were too tall
But the little boy did not fret
He had to go home yet
For it was Halloween

The little boy skipped home
Waiting for his time alone
Where he could get some delicious treats
But skip the tricks

The little boy got to his house
the door was open
the lights were out
He called out to his mother
Then out to his father

No one voice answered back
The little boy was worried and hungry for a snack
He called once more then counted to four
No one answered back
So the little boy went to get a snack

He went to his kitchen
But had to hurry or he could get a lickin'
His mother never liked him to have a snack
He had to wait till after he had a meal

The little boy got out some leftover rice and some ice
He went to to sink 
To could get something to drink
He waited for it to fill
Then he noticed that someone had a spill

There was a puddle of red 
A trail that went all the way to the basement
The little boy wasn't allowed in that place
His father went there when he needed some space

When the water was filled
He looked over at the still
He gasped
A knife was gone

The little boy shrugged his shoulders
he would have to wait for someone older
An investigation was in order
but not for him he was too young

He took his food to the dining room
when he noticed that same tomb
It was sitting by the stairs
and now without the green hairs

The little boy rubbed his eyes
he needed to clear his mind
When he looked again it wad gone
But a puddle of red was there left behind

He heard a creek of a chair
He called out to his mother once again
No one answered back
much to his chagrin
He huffed
He puffed
He sniffed
and he cried
Where was his mother and father at this time?

Nighttime was near
and the little boy was thick with fear
He hear a voice from upstairs
He heard a bang from below
His fear was beginning to show

He went upstairs determined to find his mother
instead, he found someone other Another little boy
with a paper bag over his head
he was drenched in red and smelt dead

The little asked, “whose there?”
The other little boy threw him a toy
It was a doll with no eyes!
It's mouth was gone
It's head was open
 The doll felt real...

The little looked up
The other boy was gone
but not the puddle of red
that seemed to have run
It was a long trail
and the little boy followed
It ended at his parents room

He acted brave and went to his doom
Inside the little boy cried
His mother was hung from the ceiling
not breathing and dead
The little boy ran from the room
he passed the other boy on his way
He didn't even stop to say “hey”

He ran down the stairs and into the kitchen
he had to find his father no matter the painful whippin'
When the little boy opened the door
down fell his father looking sore
A knife was in his back
He looked as though he had been attacked

The little boy screamed
and ran for once in his life
he wanted Halloween to end


The other boy watched as the little boy ran
You see, this tail has come to and end
The other boy lived here before
But not any more
He had been killed by his mother
and by his father
on the night of scary wonder

They all hey called him hideous
and put a bag over his head
they dropped him in the cellar to be dead

The other little boy killed again and again
But not before spreading a rumor
He made the little boys and girls see
that they needed to leave
no one listened
so he showed no mercy
His house was his
and not a trophy

The other boy followed the little boy
Right to the grave
where he would soon rest- mother and father and all

The other boy keep the knife he found
using it to put them in ground
He found the little boy
all scared but holding his ground

The other boy grinned
and put the knife down
He would have to show
the little boy his own crown

He pulled the paper bag off his face
Maggots dropped from the decay
Some bugs took his head to stay
A worm or two slide in his socket
A mouse or three ran from his pocket

The little boy screamed and fell back
Aware of the impending attack
The little boy should have listened
The other boy gave him some warnings

His house was haunted
The people were right
he should have left before this night

Now he was dead as dead as can be
His eyes were gone
he could not see
His mouth was sewn tight
he could not speak

His mother was to his right
her neck had snapped
His father to his left his
heart had stopped

Now the little boy knew
Halloween was a night of great terror
He knew this now
as the little boy and girl came to the porch where he was at
reaching inside three heads
hoping to get a good snack

The other boy was laughing 
a new mask on
“come one, come all,
to get a treat,
or maybe a trick,
depending on what you eat!”

 The little boy had to watch and wait
for someone to notice the strange taste

His mother cried beside him softly
someone took her nose
mistaken it as toffee

His father groaned loudly
someone munched on his ear
they thought it chocolate
not a bloody ear

"On this night
be careful what you eat,
it might be brains of three people
who hoped to live in my castle
and were in for a treat”

the heads were full of meat

Now on this Halloween night
the little boy must watch as everyone goes and thinks him a dummy
They do not know the terror that has been committed
but tomorrow for sure
will be the time of evidence
When everyone sees
a body part or three
sitting in their bag
with all the delicious candy
as red as can be.

Happy Halloween!

The End

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