Trick Or Treat

The soft pink glow of the setting sun outlined the white plumes of clouds that scattered the late October London sky. The sweet smell of popcorn and candy apples layered the square like a sugary blanket.

"You want some candy floss?" he grinned at her ecstatically.

She nodded, enchanted by the twinkle in his smooth caramel eyes. Walking and weaving through the crowds of people in ghostface masks, some dressed like fairies and others like devils, their hands stay interlocked with each other, red hot against the frost bitten breeze. Fingers intertwined, he pulled her into the queue for the ferris wheel. She bit into the candy floss he was holding, the bright pink fluff melting into a sticky red nectar in her mouth. He gazed at her admiringly, removing a strand of golden hair from her face.

"Next!" the ride operator bellowed.
Clambering into the cylinder carriage he licked the stick of the candy floss clean before putting it into his pocket. Hand in hand they slowly whirred around the shape of the wheel, gently rocking back and forth as often as it stopped. She looked at the view of the town from the highest point. The carnival blurred on down below them, the flashing blue and red lights from the ride opposite whizzed round while people queued to eat fried burgers and chips.

He walked her right to her front door. The royal blue matched to the colour of her eyes and to the colour of the night sky. A haze surrounded them as he placed his lips softly to hers. A sweet, lingering kiss. Her first. He'd walked back down the front path, glancing one last look at her face before turning the corner. Smiling, she closed the front door behind her with a soft thud.

Her mother sat bound to a chair, ropes burning into her hands, agony twisted onto her face. The painted faces of ghoulish clowns standing either side.

"Trick or treat?" A soft click echoed through the house, as the man stood, holding the silver barrel of the revolver to her head.

The End

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