Tribute Poems -- Sing a Song of Stanzas

When I am old, I will wear purple;
I've started already.
My green-lace-over-purple-satin bra and panties set, with its rhinestone charm, oh,
It sounds horrible, but it's not.

Or maybe I'm just tacky--my poor Mama!
Oh, Lord, don't let me be tacky
And while you're at it,
Won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

But those are not my dreams.
I have a dream, that my daughter will speak to me one day:
Like 'normal' kids do.
A dream that my son,
Autistic, but bright as new pennies, will care for her, if not.
That being with them will never again feel just like
Walking on broken glass.

I don't know much--but I know I love them,
And I know my purple and underwear is like wearing Mardi Gras,
And I know that, right now, I am happy--
And, just for today, I'm telling you,
No one's allowed to rain on my parade.

The End

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