There once was a society that sang; the songs held power- a magic. Though the people are seemingly long gone and disappeared, the power still lingers behind.

There once was a society where a simple song held more power than all the kings of the world combined.

All the people- though this community was small and hidden away- knew many songs. There were songs for work to make the time pass quicker; songs written to encourage the good, ancient spirits to heal the sick; that strengthened the crops; that calmed a harsh storm; songs that signified to the great deities and the all-powerful goddess that a ritual was about to begin.

The many High Priest and Priestesses who had passed through the ages spent their lives dedicated to learning and teaching the most ancient of songs. Though there were thousands of books containing this music, it was required and a vitality to know and understand each piece.

The common child was taught, from the first moments they were brought into the world, hundreds of songs. These songs, and the style in which they chose to sing them, were a part of them as a person and aided them throughout their years on the planet. The many songs that these children learned were sent many years ago from the goddess herself to help the common man through his days; nothing that may manipulate others, or harm the well-being of a person or the tribe, but only tunes that would strengthen their souls and their physical surroundings.

The traditional songs that were used to praise the goddess or mark the beginning or end of a ritual had strict tunes and notes- the singers sang in a language that was too old to be spoken any longer, the melodies practiced and precise. It was during these times that the small society came together as one entity, one voice that rose up higher and louder; blessing the ground for harvest, willing luck and love upon a newly wed couple or newly born child.

There were songs that could curse another human. They were hidden away in the Great Library deep within the temple where even the High Priests could barely access. Such songs and the spirits that they summoned were poisonous to the tribe and its people.

At every dawn for several hundred years, the priests would sing to dispel evil spirits and ghosts from the forest in which these people lived and thrived. The spirits and ancestors who dwelt within the oaks and willows, and even the animals, were welcomed within the society. It’s said that trees echoed the songs with soft whispers in the old language- singing praises to the goddess and people that loved them.

No one knows how the society fell- the natives had disappeared, it seems, without a trace. Even so, if you were to walk the paths and murmur to the trees, you can still hear the echoes of the old people and the music they once made.

The End

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