Someone nicknamed FATMAN32 opened a window for us.

-run some security tests. We must not be located. We don’t know who he is.

-he appears clean, maybe we should talk

-look… this guy’s awesome. Setting up a whole network right now to communicate

-naah, he cant do that

-but he is doing that 

-big mind

-he’s giving you the code to login

-whats all this? Hypersyntelicus asked Samantha

-someone from the Triangulum nebula is trying to talk to us


-the triangulum nebula has been uninhabited since the beginning of spacetime

-like your heads. Harry grinned

-it is in this nebula, that the Machine lies invisible. For centuries has been Opsilon trying to spot it. Many times there are interpolations from other signals due to the planets working like antennas and reflecting other broadcasts. Same thing probably’s happening now.

-no, Sam. Look..



creating file list of archives

















loading in progress....

loading in progress....



Your password is "B4THF1"

Welcome to my humble netslave etslave tslave slave lave ave ve e

-You have new messages!

Enter Folder


You have logged in as 48952ROD6…


<FATMAN32> where is Hypersyntelicus?

<48952ROD6> we are the Opsilon team

<FATMAN32> yes I know that, but where is He?

<48952ROD6> we’re looking for the system in the Triangulum nebula

<FATMAN32> I have to talk to him, its urgent

<48952ROD6> if you’re Triangulumese, we salute you

<FATMAN32> hey pal, is this a joke?

<48952ROD6> are you from the system?

<FATMAN32> yes I work for the system

<48952ROD6> then we ask from the system to save the universe

<FATMAN32> if you leave the comfort of your chair and let Hypersyntelicus sit, it just might

<48952ROD6>  who is Hypersyntelicus?

<FATMAN32> what, i have wrong readings again? Isnt a guy with a stupid horse there?

<48952ROD6> yes, we have a horse here

<FATMAN32> I don’t want the horse, I want his friend

<48952ROD6> Vejuch-Riah?

<FATMAN32> no, the other one with the check shirt

<48952ROD6> please wait a second


Ditry looked at Hypersyntelicus.

-what? What happened?

-its for you…

Dirty said like hypnotized and started searching for hidden cameras.

The young man hesitated but approached the screen.

He sat on Dirty’s chair, read the conversation and laughed helplessly.

-Harry, this guy says you’re an idiot

-what? Get out of the way, I wanna see too

He pushed Bob

Harry sat next to Hypersyntelicus and devoted himself on the screen.

Clean dragged the keyboard in front of Hypersyntelicus.

-talk to him. He suggested

Hypersyntelicus looked at the keyboard and started typping veeeery slow.

-this is going to take forever. Samantha whispered to her brother’s ear, but he told her to be quiet.


<48952ROD6> I am Hypersyntelicus

<FATMAN32> it was about time

<48952ROD6> to who am I speaking?

<FATMAN32> Hypersyntelicus, I’m talking you directly from inside the system, I’m a technician and my orders are to deliver a message and do not take no for an answer.

<48952ROD6> what’s your name? who are your superiors?

<FATMAN32> its Dentur, but that is not important. I’m sending you the coordinates for the nebula. Make sure to come as fast as you can.

<48952ROD6> but I cant leave, I’m wating for someone

<FATMAN32> the angel is busy, he cant bring you here

<48952ROD6> you know Miguel?

<FATMAN32> not personally. Lots of people come and go in this place. But your story’s heard everywhere.

<48952ROD6> everywhere? What story?

<FATMAN32> Hypersyntelicus, you MUST trust me. Get a ship. Doomsday’s coming.

<48952ROD6> Miguel said the same thing!

<FATMAN32> once you get here, you’ll understand everything

<48952ROD6> what about Miguel? He’ll be looking for me

<FATMAN32> he’ll find you in the system. I have to shutdown now.

<48952ROD6> what should I do with Harry?

<FATMAN32> you can take him but that’s not necessary

Downloading data, please wait...

  36  0.17 0.06   1  0.60 0.26 59.1 1.31  0.28 0.16

  55  1.02 0.09   2  1.64 0.42 31.7 0.70  0.62 0.17

  57  0.12 0.05   2  1.64 0.42 46.4 1.03  0.07 0.04

  67 18.66 0.40   3 25.38 2.50 25.0 4.29  0.74 0.07

  73 13.51 0.28   4 16.35 2.09  3.4 0.58  0.83 0.11

  76  1.05 0.10   5  0.99 0.29 13.4 0.30  1.06 0.33

  79  0.78 0.23   6  1.06 0.34  7.4 0.16  0.74 0.32

  92  0.47 0.07   7  0.66 0.26  6.0 0.13  0.71 0.30

 111  1.89 0.12   8  1.77 0.50 24.6 0.54  1.07 0.34

 122 12.98 0.45   9  8.72 1.08 10.3 1.76  1.49 0.19

 130  0.42 0.08  10  0.90 0.24 32.9 0.73  0.47 0.15

 132  0.34 0.08  10  0.90 0.24 32.9 0.73  0.38 0.13

 134 15.84 0.32  11 15.54 0.88 13.1 0.29  1.02 0.06

 148  1.02 0.10  13  1.64 0.38 12.1 0.27  0.62 0.16

 150  9.32 0.31  16  3.88 0.75  0.7 0.12  2.40 0.47

 151  2.13 0.16  17  1.26 0.39  5.0 0.85  1.69 0.54

 153  2.65 0.18  18  1.67 0.48  1.9 0.32  1.59 0.47

 158  4.91 0.23  20  4.93 0.54  9.1 1.55  1.00 0.12

 159 35.67 0.32  15 48.83 1.61 53.7 1.19  0.73 0.02

 163 15.70 0.39  23  6.88 0.60  1.0 0.17  2.28 0.21

 167  1.16 0.14  30  1.71 0.47 54.7 1.21  0.68 0.20

 172  5.78 0.24  27  3.38 0.52  5.2 0.89  1.71 0.27

 173  1.82 0.14  28  3.07 0.71  8.6 1.48  0.59 0.14

 173  1.82 0.14  37  2.61 0.85 57.2 1.26  0.70 0.23

 175  3.23 0.19  33  0.83 0.28  9.2 1.58  3.89 1.33

Transfer complete.

The first contact had just occurred.

-I bet this idiot is fat in RL too, lol.  The horse nagged.

Jo was all red and shaking.

So imagine, you spend all your life to reveal the universal truth. You’re deprived of joy and chances to find the meaning of your own existence. You lead an group with ancient roots, with only one purpose, to unveil the superficial reality and its creator.

Imagine your planet getting blown to pieces, risking a space travel to the other side of the galaxy, where you visit a member of your society who insists keeping his identity secret to prevent his arrestment as a heretic from the authorities.

You ignore his unknown guests and while you find your self floating in seas of happiness after making a contact with some higher intelligence, he pays no attention to you and wants to talk to a complete stranger who happens to be nearby.

If you can imagine all that, you can imagine how he felt.


Only he knows how hard he tried to keep his calm and not punch Hypersyntelicus when he asked his help.

-I have to go there.  Hypersyntelicus pleaded showing him the coordinates. Harry is really slow and you have a spaceship.

-you’re the slow one, you bastard

Harry and everyone else turned to Jo, who was rubbing his chin.

-hypersyntelicus or whatever your name is, I’ve been looking for the system all my life. Do you realize you were just talking to someone from inside the system?


-and that he gave you the map to find him and see the system?


-I don’t know who you are hypersyntelicus. But for all these important entities to be looking for you… I will not spoil their plans.

-does that mean you’ll take me there?

-yes, but I want something from you too

Hypersyntelicus hesitated.

-I don’t have anything to give… no wait, I have Harry, you can take Harry.

-No, no he messed up. You see, HE is my slave, I aint his. I saved his life, he owes me his life and as his master, I allow you to do whatever you want with him.

-I don’t want Harry, I want you to let us see the machine and enter it, once we get to the nebula

-deal. What about Harry?

-I don’t want Harry


-meet me in an hour at the airport, I’ll get the ship. Bob, Sam, come with me. The brothers will stay here to watch over you.


-what was that? “You can take harry?” after all I did for you, you underdeveloped lifeform? Is this how you thank me?

-come on Harry, I didn’t mean it


-yes you can

-rsfsf ffrl?

-with the shovel

-hey I understood that

Vejuch-Riah hit his thin little feet on floor angry and Harry did the same.

-okay. I’m sorry.

-aha, aha, and what else?


-you forgot something

-oh come on Harry

-I wanna hear it!



-…you saved me and I owe you my life

-aaaah, yeah. But still didn’t say the magic word.

Hypersyntelicus constricted his shoulders and fists.

-I’m waitiiing… I die of old age…

-…thank you.

-see? That wasn’t so hard

Harry turned to Clean and Dirty. They were twins but Dirty wasn’t wearing the white uniform with the silver belt. They were picking up their stuff, making sure to leave no trace behind.

-hey fatass, which planet are you from?

Dirty responded in a lazy tone without turning his head.

-we were from Zeazagama before Andromeda fire her attack

-Zeazagama you said! Do you know anything about Erdil? Was it hit?

-I think it was, all neighbour planets got damaged but I don’t know any details. Zeazagama has been erased from the map though.



When it was time to go, Harry embraced his old friend Vejuch-Riah and said goodbye. Hypersyntelicus was the last one to leave the house and thanked him for his hospitality. Riah said something in his language and they said goodbye.

The young man saw a very strange creature on their way to the airport.

It was a big mushroom that walked with 3 tiny legs. It had two long thin tails hanging on the back of its head, pierced with many silver earings. On its head, there was a hedgehog sitting and playing with a fat snake in its mouth while on its thorns, there were pierced thousands of black worms moving unnaturally slow.

Again, hypersyntelicus ran to Harry’s side.

The End

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