-I need a berbon.

They made a stop in the Small Maggelanic Cloud and found a saloon.

They sat in a corner and the waitress brought them two double bosons and a bowl with rocks like dried fruits. Hypersyntelicus kindly asked her to call for a lightcab.

-oooh, how did I get in this mess? He asked harry who was sucking through a straw.

-what’s this guy want from you?

-wish I knew. What do we do?

-we’re going to Triangulum

-what do we do when we get there?

-we’ll encounter a war and chaos

-that means -½ml²[-θ1θ2sin(θ1-θ2)+3g/lsinθ1] and then for θ2 we’ll have a negative sign

-listen up. Because of you Threephase is all alone in another universe and is trying to save this universe and I’m not with her, which means that if she does find him, I wont take any part of the glory. So cut the crap and start acting your character. I’m really pissed off. And don’t raise any objections.



-how do you even eat those rocks?

-I spoke with the Gods to advice me but they ignored me, I traveled in the desert of the magicians, walked under water, lost my speech, to find a wizard who would call an angel to tell us what to do and the angel changed my color, carried me two galaxies away, saved you and trapped Threephase in another universe

-whoa, you really did a lot of stuff and its only the 23rd chapter

-and now I’m stuck with you drinking berbon in the borders of the galaxy and waiting for a taxi. Everything went wrong because of you. I feel like assasinating you.

-how did you walk under water?

-we’re doomed

-excuse me, your taxi has arrived

-you heard her.


Harry with Hypersyntelicus got in the lightcab with Triangulum as their destination.

The same moment they started, the same moment they arrived.

-that’s its fellas. I cant go any further

-what do you mean that’s it. This is Perseus!

-there’s a prohibition for the entire galaxy. I cant cross the borderline.


-there are holes everywhere. And soldiers.

-light, my man, do I look like a nerd? You think I wanna do some sightseeing in Algol? I’m busy and you’re slowing me down, start the damn engine and lets go to the M33!


Hypersyntelicus got off the lightcab while Harry was arguing with light.

Eventually, he kicked Harry’s butt off and left at lightspeed.

-whats going on, what’s light saying?

-its afraid of chaos. Get on.

Harry flew with Hypersyntelicus on his back and crossed the borders.

There were ostrichs everywhere but the White Giant was still shining bright, lighting their way back home.

-you live there? Hypersyntelicus pointed the star

-me? No, no I’m from another galaxy

-so where do you live?

-my home galaxy is Abel but I got exiled here due to political mishaps

-and Threephase?

-she lives in planet south from here. I knew her father and after the war it was his wish to look after her. You know how young girls are. Easily seduced, need guidance.

-what exactly happened here?

-the king of the galaxy fell in a black hole

-wow. Oh, Andrey Lindey you were right! Eternal Chaotic Combustion! Is there some sort of ontologic assymetry? Collapse of the operational waves?

-I don’t know, but noone wants to become king in the kings stead. Not like this anyway.

-but the king will return

-its too late. The anarchists in a confict with the communists have awoken the chaos beneath the universe.

-isnt there a way to fight it?

-it feeds on fear. And for some days now, I keep feeding it large portions. I hope whoever tries to restore order, kick its ass out of where it came.

-the king?

-we’re going too slow, the holes are pulling me down, I’ll try go faster, hold on tight.

-your hair burn my hands

-they don’t like you.


3 light years away from the White Giant there was a city called Molanthus. The above guys would wait the angels there.

-geez! I never thought that ostrich would take its head out! So sudden!

-curses, yeah. Did you saw it looking at me?

-you’ve got good reflexes Harry. You saved us

-that’s the second time. No way you’ll ever be able to buy off your freedom now, slave.

In the Molanthus streets antichaos movements and protests were taking place.

The Andromeda soldiers had not yet reached this planetoid and its citizens didn’t seem willing to serve under a top model.

Hypersyntelicus saw a rat coming out of the sewers looking for food.

A cat started chasing it, but the mouse slowly opened its mouth and a lion head peeped out and devoured the cat.

Hypersyntelicus run to Harry’s side.

-what’s this place?

-your angel will meet us here. At some central spot I guess. Like the square. Gotta get rid of you and go find Threephase.

A huge green slime tripped on Hypersyntelicus.

-gurgur brlrrrvlrl! Brlvlrvlrlv! Iiirlvrlvl…


Hypersyntelicus got sick and wiped the green slime off him.

-pfff can you believe these guys? So sensitive over nothing

-god! Eeekk aeehh gross bleh

A town crier was selling newspapers and shouting:

-Andromeda blows up two planeeeeets, the parliament turns its back to dangeeeer, latest newwws, come here and buy your newspapeeer. With two newspapers half pind of saleeeep. Come fat lady, buy something. Buy I tell ya.

They arrived at a big central square. Harry stood on his two back legs and neighed.


He screeched and run to the square statues. Hypersyntelicus thought he was just swearing first but he saw him talk to one of the kids skating. He followed reluctant.

-when did you move out you little devil? Hypersyntelicus, this is my good friend Vejuch!

We were on the same school back on Tuptua, best pals!


-what did he say?

-pleased to meet you

-me too. Hypersyntelicus shaked his tiny hand.

Vejuch-Riah was a nanotyranosaurus with the head of an ant-eater and a propeling skateboard under his armpit

Harry talked for hours with his childhood friend, he even tried skating, but hypersyntelicus got depressed. Miguel wouldn’t show up and the turboskates were not interesting. The White Giant started setting. All the gangs disbanded and Harry asked Vejuch’s hospitality.

-come on Hypersyntelicus. The temperature will soon be 113 P.S.


-113 Pissed Snowblizzards.

Vejuch lived alone next to a mammuth hostel, 5 minutes road from the square.


-no problem

Harry helped his friend start a fire with his tail and everyone sat enjoying a hot cup of uranium. The horse narrated their adventure and Vejuch kept nodding troubled.

-flfllsvfvll? He asked Hypersyntelicus

-what’s he saying?

-he wants to know what earth’s like

Hypersyntelicus stumbled.

-I cant remember

Harry traced out a circular motion next to his head with his leg and Vejuch said “fffll” like he had understood. Hypersyntelicus responded to his irony with a grin and crossed arms. He tried to speak but the doorbell interrupted him.

-expecting company? The horse asked 


-was that a no?

The door opened and a bunch of humanoids busted in, holding machinery and cables.

-coffee. Need coffee. Caffeine. Coffee. Riah I’m talking to you. where did the power cable go? Coffee.

One of them, set a network on the table with the uranium cups.


-a-a-a! no but. We need a place to work. Andromeda blew us up.


They were five guys and a girl. The girl’s brother Jo, embraced Vejuch and took him in the kitchen to explain. Harry was fighting with Bob because he spilled coffee on his tail, the other three were making network connections and Samantha was observning Hypersyntelicus.

-who are you?

-ahm, we.. eh, Harry was Vejuch’s schoolmate and we’re spending the night. I’m from another galaxy.

-you’re with andromeda??? The girl squeeked and everyone turned their heads

-absolutely not, no, no, no way. No.

-oh well. Not a word about what you see in here. Or you’re dead.


Harry demanded explanations

The host popped his head from the kitchen door and said


-you always hanged out with the wrong people, Riah.

He returned to the living room holding a serving disk with cups.

Jo explained to Harry.

-we are the Opsilon* team. We’re looking for a way to end this chaos and we’re also looking for the System.


*Epsilon is the letter E. what the hell is Opsilon?


-the system??? Harry jumped up

Hypersyntelicus remembered that Miguel had mentioned the system in that hotel at the Archer constellation.

-whats the system? He asked then

-the creator of this universe. Jo replied gently. This is my sister, Sam. This is Bob, this is Meteor and the brothers Dirty and Clean. They’re setting a network so that we can break the System codes.

-one does not simply log in the system! Its not the internet!

Harry fell on the floor laughing like a spastic.

Hypersyntelicus holded Riah’s shoulder

-that. That’s what humans are like, but I don’t think they were that hairy.

He pointed at Dirty.


-I don’t understand


Dirty adopted an ambiguous look while typping.

-eh, something happened just now. Jo? Something’s happening.

Everyone gathered around him.

-you gotta see this. Guys? Someone’s making a contact.

The End

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