Threephase, Harry, Hypersyntelicus, Michaelangelo and Uriel left with the lightcar of the last one to visit Miguel’s country house and have a quick barbeque.

-want sauce on your meatballs?

-no, bring me the chocolates

-Miguel you were just eating chocolate a minute ago

-my bloodsugar is low

-wine anybody?

-ah, galaxy’s under civil war, its on the news now

-this cant get any worse

-eat fast

-my doctor says I must chew many times before I swallow

-Harry you’ve never been to a doctor

-we’ll open a gate for the parallel where the king is.

Michaelangelo said to Threephase.

-ds²=-c²dt²+dl²+(k²+l²)(²+sin²θdφ²) !

-what’s his problem? Harry pointed at Hypersyntelicus

-…but we cant leave it open, so you’ll have to return alone through Kaleyotl.


-it’s a city with access to most parallels. Threephase, I believe you’ll be needing the maps. Uriel took a pack of papers out of his car.

Threephase with Harry were reading while eating.

-and we’ll go to your galaxy for some chaos-burger. Michaelangelo was joking

-Peri!! Don’t touch it!

-how do you ride this thing?

-on a second notice… this isnt bad at all. Just like tanned skin

Threephase was looking at her hand

-this is the parallel where the hypertriangle is… and this is Kaleyotl.

Michaelangelo was showing to Harry the universal map.

-its kinda far away



-we’re all ready as it seems. Ru, if you don’t mind?

Angel Uriel slashed spacetime with a single move and created a hole.

He winked his glowing eye to Threephase and she took a deep breath.

-I have to jump?

-if its gonna make you feel better..

-you mean I don’t have to?


Threephase put her foot in hole slowely like she was testing water temperature.

-see you back in the Triangulum then..

-see ya babe. Ru waved

Threephase disappeared in the hole. Harry was next.

He turned his head to wave goodbye but something else caught his attention.

He lifted his hoof upwards and pointed.

-can someone explain me what THE HELL IS THAT!!!

The two angels turned their heads and went numb.


Uriel sealed the gap in spacetime the same way he had opened it and flew fast following Michaelangelo.

-NO, NO! Harry mourned for the gap

Hypersyntelicus who was busy with the quarks, zoomed-out for a moment and saw a grey shadow approaching.

It was Sentazag.

-I thought Uriel killed him! Shouted at Harry who was hopping up and down to find the hole.

The impact was fierce. More impressive than the previous one.

Harry with Hypersyntelicus grabbed a beer and saw the match.

Uriel streched his whip and Michaelangelo unfolded his wings.

They flew like the wind and fell with their sides on the demon to push him back, who by the way seemed to have suffered absolutely no damage from their last encounter.

He avoided the angels as if they were no interest to him.

Uriel roped in his legs with the lash and Michaelangelo held his hands behind.

Sentazag used his wings to hit them and with a reptilian evasion he escaped and started falling towards the two observers.

Harry threw the beer away after sneezing some out his nose

-I’m gonna shit my pants

-you don’t wear pants

Hypersyntelicus was zooming in Sentazag

-curses.. climb up! Harry said

-exotic matter… the gravity repulses him…


Hypersyntelicus jumped on Harry’s back and he started flying to the angels.

-To the Triangulum! To the White Giant! Michaelangelo shouted to Harry and he didn’t waste time. Sentazag followed him and the angels rushed to stop him.

Hypersyntelicus saw the three figures in the distance and didn’t turn front until he lost sight of them. He still didn’t know why sentazag was chasing him.

-hold on kid. Harry said with a long face. We’re going home.

The End

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