Code Name: Tekkeichertok or Tekkei

Real Name: Yamazo Kigal

Barracks: Galactic Alliance

Target: Kaoleska General


Yamazo Kigal disguised as a goat, follows orders of Ooyarrauyamitok who leads the Galactic Alliance against the Charging Cavalry of the mercenaries of Muzupalakham.

A group of spies of the Alliance had been assimilated by the foe in order to cause its interior disbanding. As Tekkei, Yamazo manages to climb up the Cavalry hierarchy to finally reach the King’s general, Kaoleska.

Those spies, will not risk a random sabotage, they only use their information sources and wait for the right time to strike.

In the first impact of the two camps, in the Pleiads battle, in the Taurus constellation, the mercenaries are submitted to defeat while Yamazo and Kaoleska were two of the few who managed to stay alive out of the massacre. They wander like nomads in some dried planet, waiting to their rescue but Yamazo judges it is time to complete his mission.

When Yamazo asked Kaoleska his opinion for their defeat, he answered calm:

-some believe that victory derives from superior strategy.

Others trust on courage.

Others place their hopes on Gods.

And there are those who place their faith on the hands of spies, murderers, seduction,  treason, corruption, greed and fear.

All those paths are fallacious for one simple reason.

A single thought of victory and you lose truth while deceived by lies.

What is Truth?

When the blades of your enemies are rushing wildly on you and your life hangs in the void, then you will know.

If you don’t, you have spent your life for nothing.

Yamazo looked stunned at the general. He realized his identity had been revealed for some time now.

-its just something a samurai said long time ago. Truth is, all who carry weapons, follow orders. Either those be from their higher-ups, either from their own consciousness.

That’s what Kaoleska said and fell asleep.

The same night, Yamazo murdered Kaoleska and commited suicide for killing a virtuous man. I mean cow. A samurai-cow? Whatever.

In Muzu’s courtyard discord reigned. The council started whispering about the objectivity of the kings decisions or if he was even able to respond to his duties.

Muzu was furious.

The Charging Cavalry had failed, the Alliance was thriumphant and his infallibility has been crushed. Ooyarrauyamitok demanded his resignation and Muzu with a pleading letter, asked from Andromeda to interfere and keep him on the throne.

Andromeda will not easily break a bargain, but she also knows her best interest.

She knows she cant declare war against two galaxies and that the bulls cannot be bought off. She granted him political asylum and nothing more, making clear she will not waste a single soldier unless it concerns the Triangulum.

Muzupalakham felt for the first time, his red cape falling heavy on his shoulders.

The End

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