Oh! Grey synonymous with red LED

-sign of your hermetic life-

Roll without worries in vaseline

Shatter your molecules with power lathe

 A gentle breeze caressing your chest

But the necessary end has not come yet

Because love fountains just like soles from a wrecked house

And not even God can know

How far you can kick the ball

Feel my desire

For a better printing machine


The traveler has been found muffled

Eating cryptonite from wasteland

Listen to the charcoil’s words

And pat the stewed fruits with grace

How did the ambassador’s dinosaur indignated

When your glazing hippo gave out that smell

And not even God can know

But the prisonbars of Eliot’s soul

Are for the carpets

Babuska with jacket thrown outside a church

For the traditions stock-jobbers keep


This is our sad life

Although, however, meanwhile and what if

Hwo regreted for your typping mistakes?

The avenger ignores a healthy digestive system

Stares straight at the gutter

Life is made of portfolio

Don’t hold it any longer in sailor badges

Because you loved the concrete between the floortiles

And before fuga drowns inside the coffee

And before the russian washes his feet

God is a tranvestite with hemorrhoids


Who will make Maxwell immortal?

Who will put the cries in the right place?

Who drinks HEMO and who is EMO?

Who gazes my hair?

To be afraid means to take a shower

The reason is the partridge eating the barbedwire

For all those who took you in with diapers

And delivered you with a umbilical Cord

Abbot walks towards You with confusion

Oh graceful knighthood of desecration

Show understanding when I say:

One with everything without get me

I’m your humble slave without insurance

And I mean it everytime I walk

on varnished gravel


Dagosqueezer Poh, excerpt from Fragile Female Intelligence

The End

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