-geez, he’s ugly.

-look who’s talking. I’m buying you a mirror.

-that aint my fault and shut up, I’ve never seen a human before.

-look in his pockets

-can I fire up his head?

-ssht, he’s coming to his senses

-ghoow.. my head… where am I?

-you’re in my luxurious hotel. I just saved you from a man-eating monster and you owe me your life. Become my humble slave for all eternity.

-knock it off Harry. How are you feeling?

-eeh? Who are you people? Don’t come any closer!

-this is Harry and I’m Threephase. We were trying to save our king but the angel who transformed us didn’t keep his promise and we saved you instead.

-wait, could it be?? MY KING!

Threephase slapped Harry.

-owch damnit. What a waste of time. Chaos will definetally eat up the galaxy at this rate.

-I don’t get it

-do you have anything to do with the HyperTriangle?


-thought so.

-who are you anyway?

-I am…




-I am…


-I AM….




*hypersyntelikos is the past perfect tense in greek .


Parallel fourths, diminished fifths, switching from 4/4 to 13/8, chromatic scale fall, Elvis wearing a string, Beatles dressed like nazis, Maddona with a robe, Dalai Lama commiting suicide, british people stop drinking tea.

That’s just to describe how intense the previous scene was.


-yeah, yeah do you see? Its all clear to me now. All these hypersymmetric particles solve the problem. For every boson-hamiltonian eigenstate, there’s a fermionic coresponder!

-hey hey buddy, will ya be cleaning those afterwards?

-but whats he writing?

-…because Ρμ=-iθμ, so..

-hoi, go somewhere else do your graffities.

-..murmur, because this hyperfield f equals to x(t)-iθβ(τ) minus..

-slap him with your tail

-..but with Poli’s equation ½m(σ(p-qA))²+qφ murmur, the manifold..murmur..

-I’ll go get the others

-no, this is where the neutralinos fit, through W± to charginos.



Harry walked out and Threephase with Hypersyntelicus stared at the scrabbled wall.

-what do you think?

-that’s nice. What is it?

-the theory of everything.

-of everything?

-yep, it describes everything.


-well, it’s really simple afterall, do you know about the graviton?


-what about gravity?

-better leave it

-whats wrong with your eyes?

-that’s Uriel’s fault! But I can see a whole lot better now..

-me too, I just realized I can zoom-in to quarks


-no, ducks do the quacks. Its quarks.

-what are ducks?

-what’s Uriel?

-I told you, its this angel who transformed us toget out in space

-that’s a coincidence, although I didn’t wanna go to space

-what did you look like before?

-what do you mean? I’m the same. Except that zoom thing maybe..

-you didn’t transform? And you look like this?

-what? Whats wrong with me?

Uriel with Michaelangelo and Harry walked in the room.

-you guys all look like you came out of a Spielberg movie

Hypersyntelicus pointed.

-you needed a more futuristic design. Uriel said to Threephase

-Syntelicus! Miguel shaked ex-Ben’s hand.

-its Hyper-Syntelicus now. Look at this, look. Hypersymmetry is the true expression of physical geometry. He proudly showed his wall.

-how are you feeling? Any injuries?

-all these people at the reception.. is there an event or something?


 -I’m going to the bufe. If you need me to save the world, I’ll be downstairs, eating.

Harry left.

-I’m fine. I can zoom-in to quarks.


Threephase was banging Uriel’s head with the phone-base.

-you saved us Hypersyntelicus. You’re a real hero.

Michaelangelo patted the physicians back.

-eh, that was nothing

-I helped a bit too.. Uriel raised a finger while holding a pillow on his head because Threephase was banging him with a reading lamp.


-we don’t have much time. Michaelangelo advised. Threephase with Harry will find their king and we’ll go to the Machine to restore Order. HyperTriangle will return, the war will be called-off, Hypersyntelicus will take over the system, Ru will work doubleshifts and I’ll take some vacation time.

-doubleshifts??? Ru complained

-my back hurts lately. Miguel explained

Hypersyntelicus tried to console Threephase who was still hitting uriel.

They all took an elevator to the reception of the hotel to find Harry.

-stardust sandwiches with gamma radiation. I don’t know what they are, but they take “delicious” to another level.

Harry was attacking the bufe.

-Peanutpie! Sugared buns!! Parfaits!

Michaelangelo forgot his plans and joined the horse.

Hypersyntelicus started chatting with Uriel and Threephase went to the toilet.

-I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Uriel. Friends call me Ru.

-I’m Hypersyntelicus.

-ya gotta shorten it, I aint calling you like that, it takes ages to type.

-type? Where are we now Ru?

-7.6 kparsec from where we picked you. pretty close to the center of the galaxy, in the omega nebula.

 -ah, Miguel lives here

-all angels live here. Can I call you Peri?


-it’s a shortcut to the anagram of your name

-why would you anagram my name?

-..and everyone keeps asking

The End

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