Michaelangelo was running holding hands with Ben on the streets of the 4th dimension  just outside earth.

Now, that was not a romantic image, because they were running rather clumsy and hasty, as if fear himself was aftering them.

“where’s this sentazag, I don’t see him”

Ben got no answer.

After a couple minutes running, they entered an industrial area. They turned their heads and saw a gigantic shadow following them.

Michaelangelo slowed down.

-what are you doing? He’s right behind us!

-don’t leave my side, no matter what happens now.

Michaelangelo applied the brakes and shined to reveal his true form.

The emitted light, bursting in space like an explosion, made Sentazag’s position clear in the map.

They had finally come face to face with the thing that was aftering Ben.

Sentazag unfolded 2 pairs of black wings protecting him from angelic light, to reveal a body swelled from muscles. In his huge golden body, there were eyes everywhere and a really big gross one, in his belly. In the back of his head, he had a cloven horn.


Michaelangelo’s voice echoed like a thousand bells

The demon shaked his fists and grinned.

Ben hid behind his friend.


Sentazag charged at Michaelangelo.


First round, Sentazag jumps on the ring and looks pretty macho, Michaelangelo rubs his hands and wears his helmet, what are they doing ladies and germs? They knock-out the coach, crowd goes crazy, who will dare to cancel this game? Fighting with claws and teeth, Sentazag kicks Michaelangelo in the chin before he covers, Sentazag is unstoppable, he lifts him in the air and… my god, what a demonstration of power- he throws him down like a sack, but Michaelangelo gets up right away and flies at him, chokes him from the neck and… aww he cheated. He blinds Sentazag and starts firing multiple uncontrolable hits, behind his knees and Sentazag falls -oh that must have hurt- Sentazag, the star of the night grabs Michaelangelo’s feet and lies him down, jumps on him and, right punch, hitting his head on floor –Michaelangelo’s pretty screwed now- first round ends, players go back to their corners, Michaelangelo looks pretty bad, will he make it through a second round with Sentazag?


In the low tiers of the stadium, next to Ben, Jim Lee was sitting and drawing the angel and demon fighting. Ben run to Michaelangelo’s corner at the time-out.

-hit him low and cover! You wont cover yourself! Ben scolded Miguel and he nodded like a ramshackle robot.

The bell rang. The demon grinned and flew towards the angel.


Second round and Michaelangelo is literally on his knees! Sentazag charges, Michaelangelo dodges..   crowd’s bawling down Michaelangelo tonight, who attempts a weak attack, he manages to throw Sentazag down, they’re rolling on the floor, Michaelangelo injures Sentazag’s upper right wing but Sentazag rises in the air, Michaelangelo follows, their movements become even faster, my eyes cant comprehend the picture anymore, they’re moving unbelievably fast! A grey mass is twirling a few meters over the ring, who will fall first? Oooh! Sentazag charges and seems to be hitting Michaelangelo with all his strength to the ring floor, with a side elbowing he crushes his jaw, kicks him in the face, Michaelangelo will not react, it’s a KNOCK OUT! A KNOCK OUT! THE CROWD GOES WILD!


Sentazag turned to Ben. His huge belly eye opened wide and the demon walked heavily at him. Michaelangelo was unconscious. Ben panicked and looked for an escape exit or a hideout, but that wouldn’t work. Sentazag would get him. Jim Lee was still drawing and he had to get closer to Sentazag for the details. Ben wished he could go back to earth.

He tried to run but tripped on his own leg and hit his ankle. He curled up watching Sentazag over him, breathing like a bear. What would he do to him? Why was he chasing him? If he could tell from Michaelangelo’s look, he’d get his guts beaten out.

Jim Lee ran to Ben’s side and placed his notebook on one knee while he was sitting on the other. A perspective of Sentazag from below would make even Batman appear weak.

-h-h-help! Ben let a screaming whisper out of his mouth

-no, no don’t mind me. Jim lee was still sketching.

Ben crawled backwards with his elbows looking at Sentazag.

From this close, he could see that this devil didn’t actually have a skin, but scales, rythmically following his heart beat, like a fish. Ben turned his look away disgusted and saw Jim Lee’s notebook.

-ooh, that’s actually a pretty good sketch!

-thank you

While Sentazag was leaning to catch Ben, the physician quickly grabbed Jim’s pen and stabbed it in the huge belly eye. The pen broke inside the hard skinned eye and a thick brown liquid started bleeding out.

Jim Lee took another pen from his butt pocket and moved to the side of the demon from a low angle. Ben got up and ran to the angel.

-Miguel. He started shaking him. Miguel! Get up, its Sentazag! Your pension! Think of your pension!


Ben remembered that the angel was suffering from hypoglycemia.


He patted Miguel’s head and looked in his pockets. Just to his left, Sentazag was roaring, trying to remove the pen from his eye and Jim Lee was still drawing lines like a maniac. Ben found a candy. Its was that butter scotch prof. Roemer had given him.

He unwrapped it with trembling hands and put it in Michaelangelo’s mouth.

Sentazag looked uglier than ever and would probably kill him now.

Ben realized that candy wasn’t going to work. It was like giving a cigarette to someone who had just gotten shot. That was the end. He’d get crushed under the hands of that abyssic demon but he wanted to go with a calm expression on his face. He raised his head and looked straight at the uglyface. He squeezed his fists and stood in front of Michaelangelo.

He was a little pissed off because he didn’t have the freedom of choice in any moment of his life and not in his death now either.

Sentazag started choking him.

Ben felt life getting drained from inside him, like a juice in the mixer.

But Sentazag let him and fell down, trying to understand what happened.

The demon with his head on the ground was getting whipped by a lightlash.

Someone had saved them.

Ben thought it was Miguel at first, but he was still unconscious.

He could not see clearly, the light was blinding him, but he was relieved to see Sentazag flying away in pain and roar.

The light came over him and spoke:


Ben nodded and covered his eyes.

The light moved towards Michaelangelo and picked him up carefully.


The End

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