-call me Ru.

-Ru? Harry wondered.

-it’s a shortcut to the anagram of my name.

-why would you anagram your name? Harry insisted

-its cool.

Harry took into serious consideration the words of Uriel and asked no further.

Ru was no ordinary angel. Seg knew this and he hoped someone of less power would show up. He didn’t have a form but you could discern some human anatomy.

He was a being of light and the light would not allow any characteristics observation.

-good evening dear ladies and germs. How can I be of use? Just make it quick because I left the water heating back home.

Seg made the first move.

-the king of our galaxy died in some accident, chaos is developing really fast and out neighbour galaxy is planning an attack.

-chaos huh? Mm. the angel was looking at Threephase while listening to the words of Seg.

-we need a plan. An advice. Seg begged him. The system is in danger, isnt that correct? Chaos threatens the system!

-chaos threatens everything. Even Doomsday might come.

-Doomsday??? All three said in one voice

-gimme two minutes.

Said the angel and made a move like he was tearing a piece of paper in the air.

A breach was created in spacetime and Uriel put his head in it.

It seemed that he was looking around, although his head had disappeared in the gap.

Harry admited that was pretty impressive.

The angel finally pulled his head back and the gap healed at once.

-just like I thought. The king is not dead.

Aclamations of joy and surprise were heard from inside the circle.

-he’s in a parallel and he’s eating.

-can you bring him back?

-no, I don’t have enough time for that. Maybe someone else could though

-like who?

-I don’t know. Someone with plenty of free time.

-I know lots of guys with plenty of time! Harry jumped.

-see? But that’s not the point.

-what about chaos? Threephase asked.

As if Uriel was puzzled by Threephase’s voice, he came closer to the circle to see her.

Seg panicked.

-you don’t have to come any closer. He commanded

Uriel ignored him and came very close to the circle to examine Threephase.

The girl turned her eyes to another direction and felt her entire body aching.

Seg feared the angel might break the circle, he was really able to.


The angel then turned to Seg and looked at him. He obeyed rather displeased.

-the system will take care of chaos. Uriel said and his voice resembled a thunder with a stomachache.

-and the king?

-cant your gods deal with the matter? Its their job you know..

-noone wants to deal with it

-maybe they’re afraid of Doomsday? Harry said with a low voice and regreted it

Uriel seemed to be hesitating for a minute. He was still looking at Theephase and starting getting on her nerves.

-I can send one of you to that parallel now, but I wont have the time to turn him back. They’ll have to find their way back alone. But I have maps of the parallels, its not a big deal travelling in those.

They looked at each other.

-who will go? Threephase got stressed

-I say he goes. Harry pointed Seg

The wizard took a deep breath. He got stressed too.

-its very dangerous. None of us has to go. The witch advised

-no, Harry’s right. I will go.

-Seg? The girl’s heart cracked like it was breaking.

-I’ll be fine, don’t worry.

-no, Seg. Don’t go.

-I’m in a hurry? The water’s heating?

Seg touched the girls hands and looked inside her eyes with honesty. He had feelings for her too and tried to show it with a kiss. A modest one. In the forehead.

She cried and nodded.

-I will save the king.

The wizard turned to the angel

-about time. take my hand.

Seg reached outside the circle to take uriel’s hand.

-what’s this? You cant get out of this planet you idiot. Oh, this is bad, the heater…

Seg pulled back in the circle.

-what happened?

-when Lon made us, he bound our fate with this planet. I cannot leave it, unless it is destroyed.

-what a useless bump. Harry shouted. Threephase, you go then.


-someone has to go save the king

-I’m not going. I don’t know him. You should go, you met him once.

-that was just once and it was an accident. That meant nothing. You really should go. You’re a witch afterall.


-basically.. you are. Seg dared to say.

-I’m afraid to go

-Harry go with her.

-forget it

-someone has to go with the angel

-yeah hello? Remember me? The angel? With the heater on and the food on fire?

-noone goes then!

-the galaxy will be destroyed you brainless woman

-calm down

-you should go save the galaxy then!

-you ‘ve led us in your stupid desert and your stupid wizard, now eat them!

-stop it

-I thought you wanted to help!

-I did! Whaddya want me to do? Fall in the hole too?

-that’s not necessary.. the angel said crossing his legs and lighting up a smoke

-you should do nothing!

-that’s what I wanted to do from the beginning!


-but I knoooow why you wont go… you’re afraid to lose your precious magician, as if you ever had a chance with him!

Threephase got mad.


Seg got red like a rootbeet

-Threephase, really, it ok…

-how is it ok, you worthless wizard? The king is out there and she’s fooling around here with romances and green horses!

-you look pretty white from here. Uriel noticed

-is it that bad wanting to stay here with you? Threephase pleaded Seg

-Ya see? Do ya see?? Harry turned to the angel. This is why this universe goes from worse to worst. The unimportant decide the fates of the important ones! BLASPHEMY!

-Threephase.. said the wizard softly. It wouldn’t have worked anyway between us…

-what do you mean Seg?? The witch was hanging from his lips.

-lip stretching? Uriel wondered

-I already have an affair..

-WHAT??? All screamed at once

-ooh this is rather exciting! Uriel was clapping hands

-it was too early, I’d have never thought you…

-I’m such a fool! A fool!

-no, I mean you’re very attractive, I like you a lot, but I’m engaged..

-yuuum yum, smells like noodles!*


*literally in greek when you say “I ate noodles” or “mushpie” it means I got the mitten, I got dumped.


Threephase hid her face and tears. Seg tried to pick her up but she pushed him away.

Dramatic music was heard in the temple.


The witch went wild and her hairs stood up.

The energy field withered and a heavy moan of unknown id upset everyone.

Uriel stood up in awe. Seg screamed.



Harry froze.

Threephase broke the circle and they all found themselves hanging in the void, without being able to tell if they were falling or floating.

The angel flew and grabbed Threephase and the horse, leaving the wizard sinking in depths, unconscious.

-are you ready to transform

-to what??? Harry screamed


When they opened their eyes, they saw Uriel smiling at them.

They could see some of his characteristics now, like a mouth and the eyes, but he was still covered in thick light.

Harry got up first and shook his tail, neighing.

He threw a pity look to Threephase but then he regreted it and replaced it with a surprise scream.


And Threephase right back at him, she pointed with her finger.

-Threephase! Your hair! Your skin!

The witch looked at her pointing hand and realized it was gold, as if someone painted it.

She stared at her palms and started rubbing them. It wasn’t paint. She picked a tuft of hair and brought it in front of her eyes.

Her hair were white, too white, very white.


Harry looked at his front muscular legs and realized in horror they were black.


-that was part of the transformation. Said the angel to the witch. You guys switched some of your characteristics. Your hair are white like the horse used to be, and your body is gold like the horse’s eyes used to be.

-WHY AM I LIKE A NIGGER THEN? Harry complained

-aah, that. Well, you know, all women have a pitch black soul.

Harry was no ordinary horse for sure now. His hair have been replaced by fires and his eyes were like two sparks. His tail was waving the same way a fire behaves at space, like liquid flames moving towards all directions. His body, more smooth and black, would make even Death sell his horse and give Harry a hiring paycheck.

Threephase was even more impressive.

Her skin was pure gold and glowing in the light, while her hair and eyes were de-colored white. She had no pupils, no eyelids and no eyebrows, but she could see better than ever.

-what happened to Seg?

-he’s fine. He’ll wake up at home with a headache.

Uriel helped her to get up

-one day, you’ll become an angel. No reason to be afraid.

She tried to look in his eyes and touch his face but he pulled back.


-time to work! Come on. Uriel said and radiated bright like a sun.

The End

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