-Muzupalakham! Show yourself!

The Cow-King looked out of his window to see the gathered protestants.

They had camped outside his palace for 2 days.

“damn bulls” he thought. He would meet their representative within a few minutes, to discuss the galaxy’s unwillingness to march against the Triangulum.

He looked in the mirror and brushed his ears. “be strong, Muzupalakham”.

He put on his silk red cape and left his room.

Wo baby cattles escorted him in the conference hall and showed him where to sit.

Afterwards, reporters, councelors, senators and some presidents walked in.

The last one to enter the hall, was the chinese bull Ooyarrauyamitok, the most persistent political opponent of Muzu for the past 25 million light years.

The debate translated is as follows:

-King of the galaxy, Muzupalakham Kaskάntaδeth. On behalf of the people of our solar system, we submit out formal denial to cooperate with the Andromeda galaxy.

-Ooyarrauyamitok, do you suggest we sign a treaty?

-no Muzupalakham. This is the will of an antire galaxy. Not a personal whim.

-inform me of the reasons the galaxy does not wish to fight then, brave Ooyarrauyamitok.

-two reasons, my king. First of all, it is only wish to restrain from making enemies. Especially a galaxy devoured by chaos and anarchy. And second, common reason would command to avoid a union with Andromeda, thing which could mean the very end of us.

-explain yourself, bull.

-chaos, as you might already know my king, does not bow to the laws but needs Divine Intervention to be casted out of space.  It is not an absurd thought to consider that the plague of the Triangulum might spread its tentacles beyond to the local galaxies.

-your only assuming, Ooyarrauyamitok.

Muzu was trying to pick his nose with his hoof.

-expansionist policy is not a good idea at the moment my king. Why don’t you see to the inner problems first?

-I cant force the galaxy to fight for a cow, but I can hire an army. Would that violate your terms, Ooyarrauyamitok? I don’t think it would, mm.

-my king! A union with Andromeda will destroy us! You’re signing our death sentence!

-don’t get cocky Ooyarrauyamitok. The concequences shall be benevolent for everyone.

-our scientists from the space station or Mercury shall explain. Hermes do you copy?

-the problem, said the scientist, is the gravity.

-we’ll abrogate it! Muzu hit his leg on the table.

-I’m afraid we cant. The gravity shall crash our galaxies and create a black hole.

-so what?

-both galaxies will be destroyed.

-can you prove it?

-well I, well…

-Ooyarrauyamitok. Your counterparts are all theories. I will not accept them. How do you expect me to rule the galaxy? Theoretically? I’m ending this meeting here and I announce the creation of the Charging Cavalry. All you people who wanna do something with your lives, join in. No more questions, thank you.


To the surprise of Ooyarrauyamitok, many rushed to sign in as Muzu’s mercenaries.

But the bulls who have been hating the cow king, saw an opportunity this time, to declare a civil war for the governing of the galaxy.

The End

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