It was late and  everyone started scraming off.

It was just Michaelangelo with Ben and God, whom everyone called El, getting drunk till Tonatiuh would bring the dawn.

-the time of truth! El said. Whats your business with that human, Michaelangelo?

Ben looked as hard as he could. He was drunk with something called Black Boson and had a black label on the bottle.

Michaelangelo hugged God and layed his head on the white-bearded cheeks, trying to find God’s ear.

Ben laughed loud shamelessly


Michaelangelo ignored him and started whispering in God’s ear who seemed to be reacting surprised.

-heeyoo, I wanna know too. Tell –hick- me

-that’s very interesting, I hope it all goes well. Said God and patted Michaelangelo’s back.

-I gotta go to the restroom.. the angel missed his step and fell on the waitress. He asked her the direction of the bathroom and she showed him the triceratops with the pink suit, who had just started a conversation with the WC sign.

-and now its just the two of us. God threatened Ben.

-BFFHHHAA. They both couldn’t help haughing

-you’re a nice kid. God pointed him with his finger. But let me give you some advice.


-you cant go around the universe like that. You gotta take responsibility for yourself son!


-Sentazag w..


-drink some water for Gods sake

-I’ll hold my breath

-you cant breathe anymore

-shit, I keep forgeting th-hick. Who’s Sentazag?

-he was an angel once. But he got involved in a love story and his thirst for revenge tranformed him terribly.

-poor guy

-he will do anything to save Bhutaneh, he’s been looking for her

-so what, he thinks I’ve –hick-napped, kidnapped her, or somethin’?

-BAHAHAhaahaAH! God hit Ben’s back. You’re funny kid. But watch it.


-if Sentazag gets you, we’ll all be in trouble.

-how come?

-you just do whatever Michaelangelo says. It’s an extreme situation.

-what ext-hick-reme situationmbf?

-Doomsday’s coming. But its ok, I have a few building plots outside the universe. I’ll send Christofer there, secure the family first and perform my duties here.

-ooh, you’re very brave.

-business is business. God scratched his chin.

-who’s Christofer?

-my son

-ah, Jesus?


-where’s he now?

-he was on playstation with Peter when I left, I guess they must have gone out clubbing.

-I didn’t know he has a nightlife.

-he is very sociable.

-I think the hickups are over


They bottomed up two snapshots. Michaelangelo was returning to the table along with Triceratops.

-guys, meet Golgotron. He’s my new friend!


-he-HICK- shit.

-have a sit, have a sit. Next round’s on me. These guys are El and Syntelicus. No wait, I mean, he’s..

Miguel searched in his pockets and took out a piece of paper.



Golgotron was such a hillarious guy.

But Ben started to feel uncomfortable. He wanted to sleep but he wasn’t tired.

The angel was chatting with Triceratops who was a famous architect in Pluto and was on vacation. Ben turned to God.

-god, there are soooo many things I wanna ask you.


-but I cant remember any of it.

-it’s the boson, you shoudnt drink anymore son

Ben hugged God and started crying.

-are you my friend?

-I am your friend

-you make me so happy..

God ebcame serious and cleaned his glasses on his coat. He put them on again and looked at Ben.

-what’s your name son?

-I’m your friend… wh-whats my name?

-whats your name? god insisted

-whats YOUR name?

-I’m El.

-whats my name then?

-I asked first.

-we  cant be friends if you don’t know my name!

-we can, but I’d like to hear it now.


Ben was thinking. He looked at Michaelangelo talking to Triceratops. He felt like he knew him an entire lifetime.

-my name is..

He turned his head to look around. The bartender was watching him.



-my name?

Ben couldn’t remember a thing. He could no longer focus in the 3rd dimension. Something had changed. He got up and started shaking God.


Michaelangelo hurried to separate them.

-I cant remember my name! I cant remember what’s my name! Ben shouted and pointed his own face.

-calm down human.

-my name.. I don’t know whats my name..

Michaelangelo excused himself and pulled Ben in a corner.

-what do you mean you don’t remember? He took out the piece of paper with Ben’s name written on it and showed him.

Ben moved his head in denial.

-I cant remember. Is that my name? I don’t remember it.

-hm. Shit. The angel spaced off. Things were happening a lot faster than expected.

-remember how we met then?

-yes, but I can no longer see the 3rd dimension. I cant even see earth! All I see are annoying shapes wherever I look, like I suffer from astigmatism.

-you gotta find a name quick, Doomsday’s coming.

-what do you mean

- I mean the universe you saw, will be trambled by Doomsday.

-so the end is really coming??

-not the end, Doomsday. She’s a lady outside this universe.

-I didn’t see her, when I was watching everything.

-of course you didn’t. she’s Doomsday.

-I thought Doomsday is a general term to describe the end of things

-and you also thought that celestial things are only rocks and gas, but in knowledge games, a planet could kick your ass.


-everything in this universe, are aware of their existence and their surroundings. The universe itself is intelligent and all things that consist it. When I was human, I knew I existed. But I didn’t know that all things consisting me and surrounding me, were also like me. But the universe does. That’s why it doesn’t drink or smoke and..

-I thought I had seen everything..

-I didn’t show you everything.

-why did I forget my name? Ben pleaded with a high-pitched voice

-because you’re becoming something different from what you used to be. Your existence seeks an ID which suits it best.

-but you called me with another name when you introduced me to the dino. Is that my name?

-nggngh… the angel shaked a bit and then sighed. Well it doesn’t matter, since we’d come to this anyway. Because you get mixed up with Doomsday in a weird way, your name would be Syntelicus*, but I kinda rushed it, before its hour.


*Doomsday in greek is Syntelia.

Syntelicus is a romanized way of writing Syntelikos=male of Syntelia

(but that’s just like writing Jackiffer, combining two genders)



-yeah, the male of Syntelia?

-the male of Syntelia is Syntelicus?


-why not Syntelos? Or Syntelus in roman? or Syntel?


Ben raised his hands surprised.

-Syntelicus… he mumbled as they were returning back to their table. And what was that other name you said?

The angel ignored him.

-Ren? Or was it ending in –ni? Hey? Miguel?

A cosmic storm was roaring outside the bar. The solar winds made the “swelled bellybuttons” scream from its rust.

God took off his glasses and eavesdropped.

He turned to the angel who had frozen.

Its him.

-its him, Michaelangelo, he’s coming!

The angel grabbed Ben’s hand then and rushed out of the bar.

-See ya El, put it on my tag! He shouted to god as he was running.

-what is it? Ben said loud but couldn’t even hear his own voice from the wind.

“sentazag” Miguel replied in his mind.

The End

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