After a long conversation, Seg announced that there was nothing he could do.

But Threephase had a crush on him and didn’t wanna leave so fast.

Harry took notice of the situation immediately.

-my friend here, she has a question to ask but she’s embarassed.


-she’d like to know why she cant practice magic.

-NO!! she looked at Harry pissed off

-yeah, you see, she should be but something went wrong

-were your parents magicians?

-my father was but I don’t want to talk about it now. Threephase was discretly pulling off Harry’s hair.

-her mother was a Draag. The horse jumped off from the pinch.

-so what? Why cant you do magic?

-what do you mean why? I just cant.

Seg sat like an indian and smiled.

-of course you can. But I’m not sure what kind of direction you should be following. If your mother was a Draag, perhaps you can do something with fire. Draag are not really sociable with the rest of the world and that makes sense. But if you can find what kind of life a Draag makes and where they devote themselves, you might have done a good start.

-so I’m a witch? does that mean I’m a witch?

-well, you’re not a compatible witch. Compatible magic is too common in our days. Lets just say that you’re a cocktail and you have to “smell” yourself to find out from which drinks you’ve been made.

Seg smiled at her and she felt happy.

-now that we solved that, tell us what happens to the galaxy next.

-hard for someone to foretell. Many things might happen or nothing. It all depends on our last minute change of minds. It’s a fact that noone is willing to save a situation of such great magnitude, because change will be radical and we’re all afraid of change.

-change equals to backstabbing safety. Harry said

-that is correct. Even at hours when our own lives are at danger, we still feel some comfort next to our beloved ones.

-so we’re gonna die. Threephase decided.

-not necessarily. The gods from what you tell me are not willing to interfere. If they wanted to, they would be able, but they chose differently. Our hopes should be replaced on something of a smaller scale.

-which is?

-something less than a god.

-that could be lots of things ya know. Harry said.

-should we interfere then? Threephase finally asked what everyone was afraid to.

-I do not know. Seg whispered with unease. We must first take into consideration, based on the current facts, that even if the King would return, Chaos would be irreversible.

-isnt there a way to beat chaos?

-my dear miss, I have no answer to that question.

-but if we could find the King, we’d prevent Andromeda’s raid.

-you’re right about that, but the King is probably dead.

-we don’t know that. Harry responded seriously.

-one just wont fall into a black hole to appear later Harry! Maybe Seg is right. I guess he’s dead.

-and who wants to take over governing a galaxy under siege?

-nobody I know

-it’s a deadend

They sat still and quiet for a moment and Seg advised them to leave.

With a move of his hand, all three of them got outside Threephase’s house, under the forest. It was autumn already. The scenery was beautiful.

-farewell then. Seg lifted his arms but the girl pulled him from his sleeve and begged him.

-would you like to come inside for some tea?

Onem was ROFLing,watching over them.

-oh my, who would expect I’d ever get to welcome a Sirr in my house. My father would be shocked.

-where are your parents now? Seg asked. To her surprise, he wasn’t a snob or arrogant like the rest of the magicians.

-my father was killed ni the civil war. My mother, I don’t know. I never met her.

They sat by the fireplace and sipped some hot tea.

-maybe I could help you, to discover your powers.

-w-what? Really?? You’d do that for me?

-its boring in the desert when there are no wars

Threephase gave him an excited hug.

-it will not be easy. Seg got embarased.

Harry in the meanwhile, was flying to the Mountains of the Gurim*, the wise.


*Gurim=Guardians of the book of wisdom, in the mountain of Vie, the God of wisdom. The book included the entire history of Erdil and a piece of the Universal Cosmology.

Harry had riffled through a copy when he was still in college.


The old-Gurim welcomed Harry holding a oil lamp in his hands. He was 3 meters tall, like most of the Gurim and thin like a stick on a diet. Harry needed some time to read the chronicles of creation. In the library, withing the heart of the mountain, Harry gained lots of wisdom points, when he realized that fate wont chose us for her errands, but we chose a fate that suits us best.

In the cases we take a fate that doesn’t suit us and has a higher purpose than ours, we get discount cupons for the supermarket of life. Everyone knows life is expensive.

-you have to summon an angel. They know what must be done. System must not fall into Chaos. Angels protect the System. Angels protect the balance and the laws. Call an angel.

-how? Gurim?

-a magician can summon an angel. Find a magician. Do you know any magicians? I do have some cards to give you…

-I just thought of someone.

Harry busted in Threephase’s house furious. He found his friend sitting in the lap of the magician and playing with a matchbox.

-sorry to interrupt, but we’ve got work to do.

Summoning an angel was hard to do. That’s because an angel is very busy to respond on any call unless it concerns his duties. The upcoming disaster of a galaxy might be considered a good motive. Seg removed the furniture of the house, moving everything outside, in the garden. He closed his eyes inside the empty, butt-naked house and concentrated for a minute.

When he opened them, he saw the house turning into a temple of medieval gothic style.

-atmosphere is everything.  He said happily.

-I think I have a gargoyle spare to lend ya. Harry mocked

-I have my own, but thank you anyway. Seg replied and Harry decided to never make jokes with him again.

The good thing with having a Sirr in your place is that you save money and trouble.

They don’t need candles, roots, mice or bats or dragon eggs to perform a magic trick.

They’re immortal, semi-gods and all they have to do to make something happen is to just think of it. A trade with excellent wages.

-I suggest you keep your eyes covered during the ritual. Angels shine so bright by their nature that they could burn you alive.

Threephase looked at Harry with a worried face.

-don’t be afraid. They shall adjust to our needs for a while. They wont hurt us.

Seg drawed a magical circle with the power of his mind for him and his friends.

Yellow signs popped from the black marbles and created an energy field.

-what happens if I step outside the circle? Asked Threephase

-you will not step outside the circle.

-but what happens if I do?

-you will see the structure of cosmos. It is unbearable if you’re not used to such sights.

Threephase looked in the golden eyes of Harry and smiled at him.

-its all going to be ok. She covered his eyes with a sheet.

She turned to Seg and looked at him with the eyes of a princess who has to separate from her beloved one. He nodded and Threephase got under a blanket, sitting on the floor.


They were ready.

Seg lifted his arms and started whispering. His body convulsed and leaned backwards, as if he had received a kick in his waist. Threephase got scared.

It was then that the energy field absorbed the waves of magic.

Light pierced through everything.

Harry and Threephase screamed.

They were holding their eyes with their hands but they could see the light as if their eyes were open. Their skin got soft and their neurons were sending messages to their brains that they were on fire. But they were safe within the circle, with Seg greeting the Angel and protecting them.

The light finally ceased down and the magician told them they could come out.

With a loud voice, he was introducing them to the luminous creature.

-Hail Uriel, Flame of the Universe!

The End

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