The lightcab left them just outside earth.

-it looked a lot more different in 3 dimensions


Ben’s reason woke up withing him and slapped him hard.

-how does the graviton counteract with electromagnetic quanta in subatomic levels?

Ben had spoken almost like a robot. Miguel took a good look at him and then turned his head back as if he was looking for someone. He turned again to Ben, extended his lower lip and passed him by.

-wait! You don’t know?

-I’ve no idea what you just said.

-not even if time is linear? About the hyperstrings? About the tachyons? Talk to me please?


-but, how can you not know? You’re a celestial being, a creature that lives in

-lets go shopping.

In the trajectory of earth, in the 4th dimension, there’s a famous district for its stores and restaurants. Ben focused on the shadows of the 3rd dimension to see a small satellite passing right through him. He ran scared near the angel who was trying to avoid a furious old lady with her shopbags.




(heavy stomach breathing)




I’m depressed.




I cant stand writing anymore. Whats the point.. I give up.

-snap out of it and get on with the story

Don’t put anymore pressure on me, I feel my head kinda heavy.. ooh..

-you need a good sleep

But I just woke up. Ooh I should have never woken up.

-don’t be like that. Its not nice in front of all these people.

Its just you and me. Everyone’s gone.

-yes, well it is getting late, maybe I should get going.





I’ll do whatever you want. I’m at your mercy now, take advantage of me.

The prophecy has been fulfilled. The possessed has now rully fecovered.

With a schizophrenical determination, he kicks the watermellon, which represents my unfulfilled wish to play bongos. It’s a goal, ladies and gentlemen, the crowd goes wild.

Breathtaken, Barrent dies in front of a mirror. He will never warn the other criminals back at the Omega.


-no please don’t get up, I know where the door is.

The door? Ooooowh…


 Miguel had unfolded a list for the supermarket.

The hallways with the shelfs kinda cnofused Ben because they seemed to be changing places, like a moving maze. But the sand remained No. 1 in the customers preferences.

Theproduct labels made no sense in Ben’s eyes:

Coma and Virgo SuperCluster Fragments! –start your day full of energy and joy! - For fresh breath and shiny fur try Methanol UltraPlus! - Remote-controlled solar flares, fun for the entire family! - The happiest blob on mars, the sequel -  Gigantic solarspherical soapbubble, renew your plasma and look 3 million light yearsn younger! – Get rid of the blazars once and for all with the Supertronix Demolitioner.

Miguel had opened a box and was chewing something that seemed to be pretty hard.

Ben grabbed him from his blouze and started crawling behind him.

-whats your probem???

-you have to explain whats going on! I’m gonna lose my mind!

-you don’t have a mind.

-please stop making fun of me

-but no, its true, you don’t have intestines, or skin or body or..

Ben tried to faint but he failed.

-I wanna know!!

-I believe you

-faith is not enough! I have to know!

-hm? And what do you wanna know?


-that can be arranged, but why didn’t you just ask with simple words and mixed all those weird quantotechnocadabra?

-you know everything?


-tell me then

-tell you? How primitive


Ben has never received an electroshock before, but he would prefer it from whatever that was he felt when the angel touched his forehead.

It was a necessary evil, because when someone asks to know everything he should be able to imagine that this knowledge isnt like cutting poppies from the neighbours yard.

It was painfull and huge. 

Of course, he’d also be happy to know everything about his own universe, but the angel showed him completely everything, meaning, the universe before the universe and the universe before that and all the parallel universes that existed along with theirs and all the universes that will come to exist. The before and the after were infinite but he was observing everything standing absolutely still in time, because he was travelling at the speed of light. He was then able to make a scientific notification. Since he was observing time outside of time, there must have been more dimensions of time for spoilt brats like Ben who stick their nose everywhere.

He was terrified by the fact that the universes didn’t seem to end. He kept on watching and watching without ever ending at some edge. It wasn’t that the universe was looped and bighting its own tail. It was literally infinite towards all directions and forever.

He was afraid he’d spend all eternity alone, away from all familiar realities, like watching documentaries. That would be horrible.

But Miguel dragged him back in the 4th dimension and waved his finger.

-I’m not showing you everything because I’m not allowed to. But now you got the picture, right sneaky?

-how much time has passed?

Miguel checked his cellphone.

-mm, 12 seconds. What? For only 5 eternities? I must be sick or something. Well now, if the young master wishes, shall we go play poker?


The bar had a bright neon sign writing “swelled bellybuttons”.

Its was full, noisy and stinky but that didn’t affect Ben’s mood, who had started to get the picture. Afterall* –just before the page ends- he had seen everything. Or almost everything. That would minimize the surprises from now on.


*afterall also translates like “below the writtings” or “after whats written below” and makes a pun with the page.


Of course he didn’t know what would happen in the future, but he could calculate all the possibilities deriving from any situation. Miguel saluted the bartender with excitement gestures and moved to the back of the bar. Two guys were throwing flaming darts on an antigravity target and some friends were playing octeract billiard.

Others enjoyed the lonesome company of the semi-solid bench without paying attention to the triceratops on a pink suit stumbling on his way to find the restroom, giving the waitress a hard time to serve the customers.

There was really a lot of dust, but it wouldn’t bother them since they had no nostrils.

In the back of the elongated bar, 6 people were sharing cards on a round table.

Miguel greeted them and pulled a chair nearby.

-heey, Michaelangelo, you’re late.

 A whole lotta woman with a heavy accent and four hands invited him to sit next to her.

The angel ordered Ben with movement of his hand to sit down with them.

-no reason to be ashamed Ben. These guys are ok.

-Miguel’s friends are our friends as well… said the woman softly and touched his knee with her third arm.

Ben pulled back a bit with a tiny exclamation.

-hold’em? Asked the angel, rubbing his hands.

-what else

-share two cards brother

-how’s work Michaelangelo?

-fine, fine. Starting with 5. how are you guys doing?

-dogbored as usual. 3 mine.

While they were betting, Ben observed them. Introductions took place telepathically from the angel.

“the chick next to me is Kali. The sunburnt with the necklaces is Tonatiuh. Heimdal is the one to the right with the black eyesacks. That boneass is Ereshkigal and the pinokio next to her is Thoth. You know El of course, I don’t have to introduce you.”

That was a sight Ben could live without having seen it.

6 Gods playing poker.

Ben suspected from the appearances of god El that it was about the God of the jews, the christians and the muslims. A fatass with white beard and glasses.

-where’s Utu dudes? Miguel asked

-two suns wont fit on one table, “dude.” Tonatiuh was kinda offensive.

-why don’t you play too, son? El was asking Ben

-ah, no that’s fine, really. Eh, I’ll just watch.


-my rolex

-have mercy. Opening for 7.

-I’m betting kali’s bra.

-oh not again

-hm, yours for 50.

Thoth grinned.

-forget it babe. I’m betting those peanuts.

-and I, this boot spur!

-those guys... Miguel giggled.


-mm, check

-oh yeah

-someone’s cheating again

Ben didn’t have any interest in learning poker, he just sitted there gloomy and quiet with his hands crossed.

-all aces you asses??

-cant you at least be more discreet? Ereshkigal complained

-my aces are way better, its my win.

-oops, lost my sevens

-they’re here, fighting with my king.

-Michaelangelo, I believe this energetic 8 is yours?

Ben looked at his friend.

-Michaelangelo? He asked

-Miguel’s fine

-y-y-you’re the archangel you mean?

Everyone looked at Ben and then the angel, with a query drawn on their faces.

Miguel tried to explain.

-what? We met just a while ago. What?

-I thought you were a simple angel

-not good enough for you kid?

-that’s not it. I just didn’t believe you were someone important.

Gods started the new share.

-eeh, well don’t pull it from the hair.. Miguel wore an embarassed smile.

-wow. Ben just realized.

-why are you letting this loser drag you around kid? Heimdal asked and everyone laughed.

-you’ll probably end up in some dark energy neighbourhood with a demon holding your head under his armpit

-pf. Thoth agreed

-hands off this babe. Kali said and holded Miguel’s arm

-I’m a hundred times more babe than he is. El straightened his back

-I remember when you saved earth from the legions of Marchosias. Kali said.

Do you still have that lovely, long… killer sword of yours?

-ahem. Miguel started coughing

-yeah, I remember too, boy those were the times. Why don’t ya take a week off, something exciting might happen again?

-nonsense I tell you. After I wore the enemy off, that prick came and stole my glory.

-how are your team mates doing anyway? Your friend Ru? He never visits anymore.

-everyone’s fine but knock it off with the flashbacks you guys. I’m feeling funny.

Ben jumped off:

-its crazy! He hit his forehead

-it is?

-you all speak english!


-I havent noticed

-there must have been some mistake in the script

-but if we all speak english then…

-whats happening?

-the story is translated!

-impossible. It’s the original one.

-could they be dubbing us?


-I’ll vomit.

-your friend’s right, Michaelangelo. How can we speak english?

-maybe we think we’re talking in english? I am quite certain I don’t know english.

Thoth scratched.

-conspiracy bro. someone’s messing with our brains. Miguel said.

-I thought you didn’t have brains. Ben said

-that was a matter of speech

-I’m sorry

-someone’s making us talk into a language we don’t want to. The fascism!

-we might understand each other with Lorentzian factoring subtitles, under the circumstances that w>1 when v=2w/w²+1. Said Ben and stood up.

He started moving his hands in the air like writing on a board and he saw the equation he thought, taking shape in front of him.

-that would mean that E=γmc² when γ=1+½β² but we have to deal with an asymptotical form, so β equals the root 1-1/γ².

-that’s quite probable. Cheers!

The young man took heart after this conversation and felt free to talk about himself and the way he met Michaelangelo.

For the first time, after his passage to the 4th dimension, Ben was having fun explaining geometry.

The End

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