The sun warmed her face and she enjoyed it like a blessing.

It was a wonderful day to sit back on a field with flowers and wait for the end of the world. So that’s pretty much what Threephase did.

The heat was forcing the soil and the flowers to give out their amazing smells.

-you’re a witch. Cant you do anything about it?


She yelled at the horse and fell back to her hapiness.

She had decided not to let Doomsday upset her anymore but instead, she kept staring at how transparent the grass would become under the sunlight.

Spotter tried to lift his shoulders but then he remembered he cant do that, because his anatomy does not allow it.

Threephase fell asleep within the embrace of transparent grass and the warmth os solar rays. But she had a strange dream.

She was walking in a desert which kept shifting and disorienting her.

She felt unbearable hunger and thirst while the sand burned her feet.

Within her head, she heard a voice:

To get out of the desert, you have to eat from the Lotus of the Gods

When Threephase woke up, it was almost sunset time.

She remembered her dream and called for Harry whistling.

-are the beans necessary?

-no, but I was eating them.

-Can you please leave that aside, we have to save our galaxy.

-you know, I’m thinking about it.

-what are you saying Harry?

-what I’m saying is that we only have two days time till Chaos hatches out of its egg.

The perspective of me eating beans at some other place seems pretty romantic and safe.

The redhair slapped the horse hard and he dropped some beans out of his mouth.

-how good does it feel to slap a defenseless sturdy horse? You little bastard?

-Harry this is important! I saw it in my sleep, how we can..

The girl hesitated.


The horse mocked at her while trying to lift an eyebrow.

The girl sat down and hided her face in her palms.

-I don’t know what we should do Harry. Do you really think we should leave? I don’t have anyone else in the whole world, if you abandon me I’ll die all alone.

Her whole body shaked while she cried loud.

The horse sighed and sat next to her.

-Threephase? I’m not the kind of guy who saves his planet, not to mention the galaxy. Maybe because I’m a horse. I don’t know, really. I think we’re pretty screwed. How the hell could we get out on space… we havent discovered that kind of technology yet.

-Harry, what do you know about the Lotus emblem?


The egg of Chaos hatches out fast in every space womb without a local lord maintaining law and order, like the texas rangers with chuck norris and his women.

Chaos actually is a 11+5 dimensional subspace of the universe.

All you guys who understood the previous sentence with just one reading, call me and I’ll take back what I said about you being an eggplant.

What would be of great interest to most people is what chaos looks like.

Appearance holds a major role to people’s lives afterall.

But in the Triangulum galaxy there arent any people, but that doesn’t matter either because I’ll describe it anyway.

Universal Cosmology says that chaos is a tomato.

But the Universal Cosmology is a bunch of crap because everyone knows that chaos is an egg. From this egg, infinite, tiny ostrichs come out which feed on spacetime and eventually grow big.

More accurately, they feed like this:

The baby ostrich seeks protection right after its egg breaks. Because its scared, it sticks its head in Space, thus opening a hole. This means it actually alters all geodesics and shifting the geometry of space, consequently the transactions of all forces-but mostly gravity- forcing Time to literally crawl like a snail.

To make it short, ostrichs bring chaos and don’t pull back when the universalistic organisations with slogans like “don’t eat spacetime” or “hands off the fabric” and “free universe for everyone” show up. From all the above, we understand that chaos gets created and feeds from fear, for which the religious scientists and the sensitive zombies are looking for a treatment.

Harry used to study all these different cosmologies and eschatologies back at his home at Tuptua. But he had no idea about the Lotus Emblem.





-Threephase, if the gods arent interested in the fate of this planet why should we care?

-gods are morons. Shut up and fly.

Harry flew with all his strength to get to the Sirr* desert.


*Erdil folder, Elerkun sub-folder, Sirr sub-sub-folder. Category: nightlife and clubbing. Mood: wild.

 Sirr were created by the god of Magic, Lon. They’re 20 magicians (orly?) and their expiration date is written on the bottom of the package of the planet. They live like hermits in the inner dimensions of Erdil. Meaning, they’re mysterious enough so that people don’t know enough about them. But whaddya know fellas! Today we’ll get to meet one in person! Lets go see:


-and now what?


-brilliant. Excellent. You’re the pride of the creative thought which saves the day!

-knock it off spotter

-why are we in the –brrr- middle of the desert? And why am I freezing my ass off?

-the desert should change anytime now. The Emblem will be revealed.

It didn’t take long for a windstorm to begin. That’s a rather usual sight at action movies when the heroes tarvel through deserts.

-threephase, its gonna be pitch dark in an hour. Wanna come back tommorow?



Harry didn’t realize the grave situation they were in and he thought his friend had taken this too far. But if we could measure the depth of the grave of the situation from one to ten, it would be around 120 billions.

-we should wait a few more hours.

She looked straight in his golden horse-eyes and spoke with a regretful tone:

I’m sorry for my manners, but there’s something really important going on. Its not any youth excitements, you know how much I like behaving like an elder…

-yeah.. Harry agreed softly

-its just that… I don’t know how to say this. Well.. I’m no witch and you know it, but I feel that whats going on is totally wrong, that’s it should have never happened in the first place.

-maybe you shouldn’t be so negative towards witches.

-Harry, have you ever felt that something should never happen for absolutely no reason?

-yeah, I had a colic and twinges in my stomach once, upon a stand in the elections campaign. I couldn’t make the speech.


-fine, fine. I don’t know what you mean. I guess.

-forget it.

They layed their backs on a large rock and curled up to protect from the wind.

-hm? Why do you despise magic so bad?

The girl left her head to fall on her knees in indignation.

-its running in your veins you know. Its not very wise to ignore the talents nature has given you.

- I cant do magic. I don’t have the right genes. Happy now?


My father was a magician as you know and my mother was…


-eeh, she was…


-phhhu, she was a Draag*, alright? I don’t wanna hear any com..




*on the South Pole, Erdil’s asshole

Iar’s children boil the ice


They don’t drink water, I like your daughter

Dragons play with dice


They spit out charcoil, volcano hot soil

That’s how they cook the rice


Bum purum turum, I have to clean my room

Aah, those Draag fellas are nice!


That’s like grandmas song, everyone knows it.

Draag were created by the Fire god Iar.

If you’ve ever seen a man wraithing in flames, then you can imagine what they look like. They’re like walking flames.

If you were a naughty youngling, you’d think to throw to one of them a bucket with water and then run but you’d be dissapointed to find out that their fire cannot be taken off. They can only freeze and for that it woud take a fridge spitting -400 degrees of celcium per minute. I don’t know any kamikaze fridges.

Draag love pets and have many hobbies. They train Grelndauls and ride them because its cool. They’re funny guys, easy-going and stay out of trouble.




Aah, that’s an insult to Johnny Storm you know. The flaming torch has many fans too!




Back to the desert scene:

-didn’t they had any technical difficulties? I mean… your father, didn’t he have any problems after the incident?

-Harry you’re an idiot, I hate you!

Threephase granted a handful of sand in Harry’s noseholes, who in his turn pulled back and shaked his head. It was kinda scary looking at a horse laughing and showing his teeth off, but the girl had gotten used to it.

-I guess you look more like your mom.

-that’s why I cant practice any magic. I’m more an element than a witch.

-oh, you seem sad.

-are you kidding? I’d sell you to be able to do magic.

Harry backed off as in a joke.

-I’m sure you’ll find your way, troubled creature.

-I’m not sure about anything

Two hours passed til the desert would actually start moving and shapeshifting

They were bored to death and sang out loud to stay awake.

When the sand came alive, Harry missed his boredom immediately.

-fly spoter, fly!

And thank goodness the old buddy spoter could fly, otherwise they’d be joining Klthim’s guts, the Sand God.

-behold! The kingdoms of the Sirr. There’s the Lotus Emblem! Hurry!

-oh dear horsegod.

One would expect a cliché description of the type: palaces and tanned old men with tablecloths on their heads walking around, but naaah.

The desert of the Sirr was actually a mechanical puzzle, a Rubic cube hiding and protecting the children of the gods. The magicians were young of course, since they could fool time without pay-backs or afterlife penalties and so on.

-for this, I’d sell myself too.

Admitted the horse.

Threephase got off Harry’s back and took the rolling stairs.


It resembled a luxurious shopping mall.

When they reached the 3rd floor they saw a man.

He was naked and Threephase turned her head to the other side.

-what do you want?

-we want to get out of the desert

Said the girl without looking at him.

The man disappeared and they kept going up.

On the 4th floor, the scenery started to change.

They were now in a jungle.

A faun stopped them. He was holding a small knife.

-there is no desert here.

-there is now. Said the girl. I bring it with me.

Then, the faun disappeared in front of their eyes.

Threephase meant their material bodies as sand. They had to get rid of them to get out of the planet.

Harry was dying to say a cynical line to feel healthy but his jaw had paralyzed.

Were those guys really the magicians?

They passed through trees and tall plants to arrive at a beach.

 From the sea, a blond little boy with blue eyes emerged.

Harry noticed it was dry.

-you are not welcomed

-where’s the Lotus?

The little boy disappeared.

Threephase walked in the sea but Harry chickened to follow her.

She nodded at him that it was safe. “yeah, sure, safe, in a sea 5 floors over the desert”.

The sensation beneath the sea was the usual one you get when you enter a sea.

But this time, they could breathe underwater.

How could they breathe, since there were no airbubbles and yet their lungs worked just fine? In the bottom of the sea, they met a fish and the fish spoke to them:

-the Lotus is in the skies, with the Gods.

-show me

The fish disappeared and they continued their course.

They saw a cloud passing by them and within an instance, the blue sea became the blue sky.  They were now walking on the air, with a snow-top mountain as a view ahead.

A huge wyrm-dragon  flew towards them and sealed their path.

His voice was the deepest sound they’ve ever heard.

-the Lotus of the Gods will take you out of the desert.

And then, the most weird effect occurred in the history of cinematics!

Threephase turned her head ignoring the dragon and saw a blackbird flying.

She stretched carefully and fast, in the same manner one stretches to pick a pen from the desk, but with her, she dragged the whole scenery, as if it were fake.

She caught the bird from its wings and looked at it thriumphantly.


Everything melted as if they were made from hot icecream.

All shapes and colors dived into one very spot, which like a cigarette stub, Harry felt the obligation to step on it. With fear and hatred his tongue finally got solved.


It was just the two of them again in a white nothingness.

A whiteness without ceiling, floor, walls, coordinates and the most important:

without reality.


Simultaneously, they turned their heads up and saw the magician.

If simple reason had it that Threephase and Harry were standing on the floor, then the magician was taking a nap on the ceiling.

Threephase took some courage and put her feet on the air, like she was trying to walk on the wall. Harry was starting to get seriously pissed off so he started flying.

-well, my man. Hit the lights.

The wizard was young and its bad luck to guess a wizard’s age.

One of the 20, Seg, gave a big smile to Harry and took them back to reality.

The End

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