-SOL my friend. It never lets you down.


-a-ha. Man I gotta get a babe like that one day too.

-oh God..

-later with him. Come with me.

-where are we?

-in the Omega Nebula

-aah, Nebula…

Ben leaned his head on the side to scratch it.

Now he was sure he was dead.

-no.. actually you’re not. Miguel said.


-sorry, I know I’m not allowed to do that

-what do you mean?

-what do you mean what do I mean? Are you lecturing me now?


-stop confusing me dude. Oooh, time for my sweets. I get hypoglycemia seizures. Pretty dumb huh?

-I don’t…

-lets go eat something.


Ben left the earth at speed of light along with a guy named Miguel, to go to the Omega nebula and eat sweets.

Maan.. with these kind of sentences I remind my self..


-how much you rip off Douglas Adams?


Hey, go read another book, wont ya?

Ben was also holding in the back of his head the possibility that it was all a dream, because the nebula was way too beautiful to be real.

They landed on a meteor and entered a fast-food store.

-its too crowded in the fourth dimension. There’s traffic.

Ben noticed

-Bah, its because its Monday.

So what? Ben thought. But Miguel pinned him with a surprised look like he had heard his thought and was answering him like: “don’t tell me you don’t know what happens every Monday??”

After giving the order, they sat and waited.

Ben thought it was a good time.

-could you... Ben was feeling shy.

-yes. Miguel signed fast.

Ben got scared and straightened his back.


-you think way too loud when you’re afraid. But its fine you’ll get use to it in time.

-in time? What do you mean? I’m dead right? What are you going to do to me? Why are we here? Hey!

Ben hit his palms hard on the table.

-I demand some explanations right now!

Some customers turned to their side with an irritated look.

Miguel was getting a small black spot out of his nail with locked lips.

He eventually lifted his eyes to meet ben’s wide open eyes who had the color of illuminated fresh honey.

At that moment, the sweets arrived and Miguel jumped off his seat.

-Finally!!!!! I thought I was getting depressed!

He literaly fell with his face on a pineapple tart without paying attention to Ben who had his arms crossed on his chest.

-eat human!

He shouted with a mouthfull of tart.

-I don’t even have the right to know if I’m dead?

-don’t be an idiot. You’re not dead. Mm, try the truffle. Basically, I saved you from your miserable three dimensional life. You should thank me.

-are you serious? Get me back there this instance. I have work to do.

-funny guy

-what happened to my body? What happens if they bury me alive??

Miguel spitted chocolate bits which reminded watery dog poop in a cold day of A sweden winter and bursted a loud laughter.

Ben wiped the chocolate off his face and stood up.

-that’s it.i’m leaving.

On his way out, Ben slammed the door hard, without hearing the manager addressing him random curses.

He walked very slowly till the edge of the meteor to gaze upon the black void.

A voice echoed in his head so loud that he almost lost his balance.

this comet travels at about 120.000 miles per second in space. If you fall off, you’ll maintain approximately the 100.000 miles for the rest of eternity till you hit an obstacle. And you’re telling me you prefer this rather  than eating something sweet with me?”

Ben turned around and saw Miguel with a tart in his hands.

“who are you?” Ben thought.

“I’m an angel” the voice responded in his head.

-yeah right.



Ben left earth at the speed of light.. or with the speed of light? Anyway, he left with a lightcab and an angel who’s name was Miguel and suffered from hypoglycemia, so that they can go to the Omega nebula and eat sweets on a comet who was running at 120.000 miles per second.

Ben was having quite a hard time with all this.

-where are your wings?


Ben moved his arms up and down.

-ah, tch. The wings. Do I have to?

Ben looked at him like an iguana and Miguel put on a discontent face.


Right then, the angel Mike shined from his insides to the outside a light that blinded Ben so hard that he had to cover his eyes. When the young physician opened his eyes, he saw that Miguel was no longer dressed in cloths but with light and had unfolded a pair of white eerie wings.


Ben moved his head left and right unable to close his mouth.


His eyes became teary from the radiation and he lowered his head.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. Miguel had taken a human form again.

-let me show you around. This is my home.

And the angel showed him the Omega.

The sights Ben saw are a little difficult to be described in simple or sophisticated words.

Unless one can imagine what it means for the color and sound  to come alive or to incarnate immaterial elements into intelligent beings.


-just admit you’re too bored to describe anything



Ben could hear and touch, smell and sense while he knew that none of all these are possible without his ordinary human body abilities. The basic structure of his existence had changed. His molecules had been replaced by something else. He felt both solid and transparent. And again, he couldn’t explain any of this.

He could not decide if he should be having fun or start screaming like an ambulence.

-Sentazag is after you.

-ahem, what?

-just this scary guy. I gotta make sure he wont get ya, or I’ll never see a pension at my deep old age.

-I cant understand a thing.but you’re probably used to me saying this huh.

-no, quite the contrary. Ever since I became, I lost lots of feelings. Habbit and surprise are two of those.

-became? What does that mean

-well, I was a human once upon a time

-what? For real?


-so people can actually become angels? Unbelievable.

-unbelievable? But don’t you know anything? Don’t you know how people were created?

-they e-e…they evolved?

-man is the child of an angel and a demon but he’s neither of both. However, he can easily become one of the two.

Ben tried to swallow and felt bad that he never payed attention to the philosophy classes.

-and how do you… become?

-big mess. Too bored to explain. But we should go back to earth for you to meet God and the others. We should keep to the customs once in a while.


-Yeah, he owes me quite an amount from our last go.

-so what? We did all this way to eat sweets and show me your place?

-you don’t have a clue about topography huh? SOL, remember? Set aside that, Sentazag was pretty close. I didn’t want to put you in danger. And we had those lovely sweets…

-if God is in earth, why do you live so far away?

-I beg your pardon?

-I mean, arent the angels supposed to live in the court of God or something? The guardians of paradise and such? I’m sorry but I don’t know how that stuff goes.

-get a grip man. What do angels have to do with God?

The End

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