Muzupalakham got off his spacecraft with a group of eunichs.

He was wearing his red cape and one of the finest perfumes his chemist had ever composed. He could feel his testosterone hitting peaks and tried to keep his calm, to save some for Andromeda.

In the hallways of the Queen’s palace, her servants were throwing roses and lillies, making a carpet of flowers for the King to step on, leading him to pleasure and war.

He finally saw the queen standing in front of her throne, covered with veils of light and colored dust. The most beautiful creature of the universe.

-Muzu! How good to see you again.

Her voice tickled the senses of the cow-king.

They cross-kissed and she fawned over his shoulder for a while.

-come in. we have much to talk about. And much to do.

She winked at him.

After eating large portions of matter, the servants prepared the royal spa.

There, Andromeda revealed her plans to Muzu.

-you know of course, that my galaxy is bigger than yours, King Muzu. Bigger than Triagulum as well. But I would not risk a war with casualties. I’d prefer their immediate surrender. And that’s where you put your hand in. I mean your leg.

Muzu smiled with charm. He passed his hoof behind her back, up to her shoulder.


-yes. She said and kissed him passionately.

When they stopped kissing, a thought blurred Muzu’s ecstatic mind.

-Moo moomoo moo mm?

Adromeda arose naked from the waters then and stood up in front of Muzu.

He kinda lost it.


She said and crossed arms to her dreamy waist.

-help me Muzu and I’ll become you Queen. We will unite our galaxies.

The King didn’t know what to say. He only showed her for one more time that he was a pure male.


In the universal meeting Andromeda called, all official representatives were attending except the one fromTriangulum.

The King of Bode was concerned.

-what kind of trick is it this time, ma’am? Intending to poison us with leftovers from supernova just like the previous time?

-someone pick up this piece of garbage from here and throw it away, please.

Black-eyed was mocking the other Kings as a sign of superiority.

The Queen pleaded for silence to start with her slide presentation.

-friends, co-workers and tyrrants. I’ve called you here today to inform you about the present status of my neighbour galaxy, the Triangulum. As you can see, the 36D representation of the incident reflects upon reality with a percentage of the class 1%.

Noises were heard from the royal crowds.

-the King of Triangulum? Dead?

-I’m afraid so.

-this has never happened before! This is the first time something like this happens! Time has seen no such happening before!

-that is not our concern.

Andromeda used a soft and sweet voice, as if she was singing a lullaby.

-if chaos takes over the Triangulum, it shall devour the Laws and the Balance.

-and there I was thinking Bureaucracy was chaos.

The King of Cartwheel had made a joke.

-no. THIS is Chaos.

That thing, that appeared in the screen, made everyone’s throats scream in anguish.


-its terrible.

-we cannot allow this to evolve among us. We must take precautions.

-what do you suggest Andromeda?

Circinus King was asking with a serious face.

-to take over the administration of Triangulum.

The End

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