Harry landed on the yard of the Auedor, the elemental gods of Threephase’s planet.

Harry himself was from the Abel galaxy, exiled representative of the 3rd in line party against the opposition party  in the Tuptua planet.

-business time.

-Harry, I’m scared.

-don’t stress it. I’ve done this a million times.

At this point, I’d normally write something about the reddish hair of Threephase waving as she runs and about the tities going up and down beneath her dress reminding fossile-like meat balls you can no longer eat but play volleyball since they’re still quite flexible.

But I was thinking about it really hard you know, and I ended up in the conclusion that its way too common to have a witch with red hair running here and there as if it came out of a Pratchett book or some perverted Robin’s phantasy.

Plus, I’ve never seen a redhair looking THAT red, I mean that’s too much already, give me a break. There should be a limit to the reaches of Loreal hairdyes.

With this and that, I’ve decided to change her a little.


-do you really have to tell us all this stuff? For the name of…


What happened to the freedom of speech?




What? Are you nuts? No way. Remember what happened to Diotallevi in the Foucaults pendulum because he was messing with the words? CANCER. Plus, I feel really “Belbo” writing down stuff I think and changing them in the evolutionary course.

Nothing should pass to obscurity and oblivion. The only thing that’s been bugging me lately is how similar Belbo and Bilbo and Dildo sound. Its completely ruining my imagination cells.


-do you really want to talk about this now?


Oh yeah. I’m so lonely. I’d like to talk to you. We could as well make some writer-reader dialogues and publish them in the psychiatric newspapers. We’re an unstoppable team, arent we?


-forget about it. Loser.


Fine. I’ll show you.

If Marvel would decide to send Galactus on the planet of Threephase, silver surfer would commit suicide from guilts.

That’s only because, this planet, Erdil, was the most beautiful in the whole galaxy.

With more deities than any other and a 3-digit number of tribes and sub-tribes.

Greatest advantage of the planet: no humans.

The lowest ranked gods in Erdil were 35 and were Elemental.

They were called Auedor and were merely spending their time in different spots on the planet. Auedor were born from the Eaka, which created Algoth first and Catharn Illthasus later. Yup, yup, those are the guys we were talking about earlier.

Eaka, the first gods were 7 and Catharn Illthasus we 7 as well.

If you wanna know the names of the Gods, speak out loud “I WANNA KNOW”

Fine, I’ll tell you then.


The Eaka were:

Ganath, Barthorag, Neliuel, Lamontil, Alkuem, Elguenidon and Ilfentol.


Catharn Illthasus were:

Irgam, Therpingon, Yinquir, Ilduar, Kilkoledar which rided the Gelmirs and last but not least the Kilkoledar’s spawns, Ilmkedars.


Well, watch it now, because the above are names of tribes, while the above above the above are names of Gods.


The Auedor were:

Am and his brother Onem.

Am’s wife, Iel.

Her brother Ithn.

Lon, Viel, Talg, Iar, Delg, Yin, Klthim, Molv, Arog, Num, Thdan, Xir, Eor, Olthol, Ur, Iied, Mrin and her sisters: Imgoln and Daena, Uledich, Sindron, Nemon, Udisneh, Goina, Su, Pallug and Pun, Droen, Tdir, Ran and his brother Osorfikaleus.


The five first elemental tribes of Erdil, AKA Elerkun:







Afterwards, we go to the second-class tribes, AKA Korente:












From the Elerkun and the Korente more tribes were created, some of which are:

Nelmf, Odel, Narg, Naryaks, Oms, Ragnal, Grelndaul, Talquin, Hun, Ueglir, Neliuel, Nimevins, Alavir, Kumruk, Taluan, Dicrils, Odher, Lidr, Haedr, Lerie, Lientekir, Lunanthir, Lenuer, Lirron, Lekrel, Larmir (the seven Ls are the Lenbieli tribes), Hiogarth, Nuaglor, Hintar, Telvon, Elmorin, Unleid, Dairel, Bromli, Lingaur, Pintel, Kelnirog, Felgartha, Ormflent, Fighor, Hulgarth, Ghran, Morin, Talrnak, Herne, Gualimot, Gerval, Gorntag, Galuag, Guinthuor

And even more sub-tribes below them.


Now, would you like to now about each and every one of them?




Mm, yeah ok. I just wanted to show you how hard it was to come up with all that.

The story of Erdil is abit complicated.

I guess I shouldn’t have spent so much time on this back at highschool.

I really should have been paying more attention to class.


-I don’t care.


We were at that time when Harry with Threephase walk in the Am fancy mall.

This Am guy, he’s the first Auedor, kinda like the silly-dad of all tribes.

Harry had bothered him before when a terrible civil war occurred between the tribes.

For their bad luck, they came across Onem.

I’m saying bad, because Onem is probably the god of love and elemental attraction and repulsion.

-my my?

-Onem you dirty scumbag, where were you lost all this time?

Harry pulled a 30 degrees angled face. But Onem was not really interested in explaining to the horse, rather walking around Threephase, whose hair were still red.

-how did I come to miss you, sweet little creature?

Onem pinched the girl’s cheek lightly.

Threephase blushed a little.

-which tribe do you belong hun?

-eeh, Taluans, sir. I mean god. Whatever.

Onem giggled cutely.

-a little witch then?

Threephase thought he kinda looked gay although he wasn’t.

-Onem, dude, it’s an emergency to see Am

The horse interrupted Threephase and Onem with a deep bow, showed them the hallway for the restrooms of his brother.

Threephase while runnig to catch up with Harry, turned her head to see a meaningful smilein Onem’s face. That smile equals problems.

-great guy. The horse mumbled. But we dont have time for these now.

Am was huge.

Yeah, basically he was a giant.

But he was rather sweet.

As soon as Harry explained to him what happened to the Hypertriangle King, Am called his wife in a serious meeting.

-it’s a fact that we cannot leave Erdil. But suppose that we can, could we make it through that hole? Am?

-that’s beyond our powers, Harry. I cannot survive in the vacuum of space. However, our fathers live in higher dimensions and just might be able to see a bit further than we do.

-so can you God please talk to them, so that they speak of what must be done?

-no. ya think if I could see those dimensions I’d stay here?

Iel smirked at her husband and he felt a knot at his throat.

-shit. Harry said.

-isnt there a way to warn them?

Threephase was still trying to catch her breath and Iel rised from her throne.

With a dramatic voice, reminding me a mexican soap in the afternoon, she said:

-Catharn Illtahsus need no warnings. They know about the upcoming disaster and they alone shall decide wether they’ll intervene for the future of Erdil.

-but Andromeda will…

-we will not fall without a battle. Let that cucumber do her best. Long live the King!

The End

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