-I actually wanted paprika, but there wasn’t any left. What? Aah, I see. No, I understand. I also got the stickers you wanted, they’re good quality. WHAT? That shitty brat.

Before Ben open his eyes, he imagined he was lying next to some phonebooth, near the street where he had fainted.

Yeah, I guess he had fainted, he couldn’t remember anything else.

But when Ben did open his eyes, he saw something completely different.

He was inside a VERY very bright world, full of motion and colors.

He remembered the shadow.

-am I dead? He whispered to himself and touched his chest.

-ooops, gotta hang up now, I’ve got work

The guy talking to the phone stretched his arm to pick up Ben.

He was very young, with a reddish beard and long brown hair.

He helped Ben to get up, caught his hair in a ponytail, took a piece of paper out of his pocket and read out loud:

-welcome… Ben? What kind of name is that? What does it mean?

-eeh.. eh?

Ben continued gazing at his surroundings.

With a huge amount of surprise, he realized that if he would stare intensily and carefuly, he could see a grey version of the reality he was living.

But that reality looked really… back in depth, or inside or behind all things now,

While the bright reality he had entered was facefront.

The fourth dimension? Could have he actually entered the fourth dimension?

Nah, it was just a dream.


Ok, for those guys badmouthing behind their finger, we’re talking about the fourth SPATIAL dimension, not a time dimension. You losers.


The young man with the ponytail said:


-y-yeah what?

-ah, sorry. I’m in a great hurry, ya cant even imagine. Can I explain later?

-eeh, ee…

-I knew you’d understand. Hurry lets scram.

-wait, who are you, wher..

-I’m Miguel. I’ll explain as soon as we get there.

Miguel grabbed Ben’s hand and called for a cab.

-we’re here.

Light was making a fortune out of this business.

The End

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