-Mr. Roemer? Professor Roemer!

Ben was chasing his teacher in the university halls.

The middle-aged man slowed down and turned his head.

Ben approached panting and Roemer reached for his shoulder.

-Ben! I heard about your accident. Are you feeling better?

-mr. Roemer, its an emergency, I have to ask you something.

-if its about those grades, don’t worry, the hospital doctors should..

-no its not that..

Ben looked around with hesitation.

-can I buy you a cup of coffee professor?

Student and teacher sat in the refreshment room with a totally fake comfort which equals the square of puzzlement divided by self-restrainment.

Roemer offered him a butter scotch and explained:

-if we throw  light on a 3D object, a water heater for example, then its quite obvious the heater shadow will be 2D. If we throw light on a 4D object, Harry for example, Harry;s shadow will be 3-dimensional!.

That is definetally not easy for any human being on earth to understand completely, simply because our motions are limited in 3-axis. Motion in a fourth dimension would drive the people with height-phobias mad to the point where they would commit suicide holding a Cindy Crawfold autograph on their chests.

Roemer also explained that in Quantum physics, adding more dimensions might help to solve the equations but have no practical use in our ordinary everyday life (for which Neuton closed himself up in a room for many years). If the universe approaches even a little the form which Calabi-Yau model takes, then we’re doomed to study it from afar,since a trip to dimensions of such a small magnitude would make anyone’s stomach quit its job. They ended their conversation by admiting they’ll never be able to study from close such phenomena due to their nature and size and agreed to focus on the Unified Theory and time, since those were more dominant.

Ben left the university with a troubled mind.

He walked sullen, sank within theories and equations.

He turned his eyesight up to the sun. He was making fast calculations.

He stopped at the crossroad, till he saw the green man.

While crossing the road, he felt weird.

He stopped again and turned around.

In the parallel street, the shadow was stalking him.

His books fell off his hands and he froze.

He actually felt the shadow was looking at him.

If his knees could do something, they’d cry.

He observed it as it was suspiciously moving behind the columns, as if it was trying to hide. But as soon as it realized Ben had noticed it, the shadow did the unexpected:

It started running towards him.

Ben got even more scared but he didn’t move.

He remembered his calculations and turned his head a few centimeters to the right.

He was no longer looking at the shadow, but the thing that was making the shadow.

And he saw…

He saw this marvelous constantly ever shifting geometrical shape which sparkled in the sunlight and like an autonomous rainbow, it would reflect all colors at random timings.

Ben felt a little peaceful and, a few minutes before the shadow would get him, he was looking at it in the eyes.

The End

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