The horse’s name was Harry.

That was not a name Threephase had given to him, but rather a name he demanded from everyone to call him by.

The red-hair young lady used to make fun of him often by calling him Spotter, but Harry was annoyed. Although he had no wings, Harry could fly, gently kicking the air with his hoofs.

-its happening right now as we speak, Threephase! The King is a goner!

-that’s terrible

-and as if that aint enough, Andromeda’s planning to attack

-we don’t stand a chance then

-we seriously need some help

-if chaos shows up, we’re doomed!


Universal Cosmology mentions in tiny letters that maaaaybe, somewhere and once upon a long time ago in this universe, there miiiiight have been angels and demons.

The kids of the Grand Machine who created this world.

Harry knew that Universal Cosmology was a bunch of bullshit.

Harry also knew that the Machine was in Triangulum.

If chaos reigned upon the galaxy, the Machinewould operate under chaotic factors.

And now for some Universal Cosmology, press 3.

The System was created from a System of Machines, which hosts unimaginable geometries and dimensions. The great philosopher Dagosqueezer Poh of the Tarantula nebula, saw a part of this geometry and instantly transformed into a locust leg. Dagosqueezer Poh’s famous words remain a historical evidence for all people cheating on their beloved ones and get caught:

“thou shall stop insisting that its not what you think. What they think actually is happening, is under performance, you scored big time and you just lie your guts out shamelessly. Free your mind and stop enslaving your healthy ego with the phrase it meant nothing. A good fuck might mean the contracting of peace in another universe.”

The Mechanical System existed before all matter did.

For Pre-Universal Cosmology, please press 9.

System itself was created by a group of beings of extreme intelligence who were also the first Gods. Before spacetime and the creation of the Machine, cosmology suggests that there were other qualifications consisting the universe of the first gods.

Those were so absurd and powerful that could chew spacetime and stick it under the desk of the god sitting next in class.

Those gods created the Machine but noone can say with certainty if there was a purpose behind that act, because they made Algoth its operator.

And Algoth, the first operator, got rid of his creators and started playing with his new toy.

Algoth wasn’t evil. More likely, he was a bully thug asshole trying to stretch over too much space. He was more neutral than anything else.

From Algoth, lots of dimensions of spacetime were born.

Angels were born too and from them, the humans.

But Algoth, outside the Machine, mated with the Darkness of the Universe, Ilgala, and they made Degauch, which he treasured like a son.

Well, Degauch was really, I swear, he really was evil.

From Degauch 7 more dimensions were created.

He gave birth to Orgreg- the kingdom of death, void, Rokrl the hell, Veldirth- the kingdoms of silence, Chaos, the Garbnachs and Nothingness.

These were the children of Degauch.

Garbnachs are angel-hating demons.

But angels don’t really care about it, since they’re neutral, like Algoth.

For PrePreUniversal Cosmology, please step on the groom’s foot*    


*press and step have the same meaning


Before the first Gods, Universal Cosmology has it that there was another kind of Kingdom, the Yeegor, which is thoroughly described in the Universal Occults.

Algoth was brought down in a conflict with Degauch and many different Operators took over the System, under the guidance of the Angels, which have been constantly protecting the ultimate life source, the multidimensional toy of their dad.

The End

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