The last words of the King of Triangulum before he fell in the black hole created by the planet sinking in its own gravitational field, were:


As soon as the news were heard in the other galaxies about the disappearance of the Hyper-Triangle, Queen Andromeda called in a meeting with King Muzupalakham.

It was a good time for a raid.

Noone in the whole universe really knows what happens when you fall in the black little dot. Not even photons, not even tachyons. Its not fun at all watching a photon and a graviton fighting. Its disorientating and nauseating.

Aah, it also causes death.

Wel, anyway the fans of Hypertriangle hoped he’d survive since he was extremely multidimensional and just might have made it in time to take a bite from the pie.

I think now’s the time to talk about the King of our Galaxy.

Muzupalakham the Cow.

The most ambiguous topic about Muzu is his gender.

As all creatures in the Milky Way know, cows are female while taurus are the males.

But Muzu, is a cow. In fact, he’s a male cow, which means he has lots of things hanging between his legs, both boobs and the “other” kind of berries.

To the rumours which want the King to be hermaphrodic, we reply negative and sentence them to death. Muzu is 100% calf.

Noone has ever drank the milk from the tit of the King, but someof his servants report that the King himself drinks from his milk and that made a lot of cows puke.

Supporters of Justice on earth, think its more apropriate for a Tauru to become King of the Galaxy and not a cow, since female has always been the pathetic and weak gender.

But The cow-man has many skills.

Queen Andromeda has announce him to be a terrific lover and that made lots of Taurus die from hysterical laughter.

He has published Maza-Mutra, in which he analyzes all possible sex positions in the 5th spatial dimension and has been proclaimed 3 times universal golf champion.

In his public appearances, he always wears a red cape and a neck-bell.

He hates piranhas and his zodiac sign is virgo.

Andromeda on the other hand is a true maiden.

If Aphrodite could see her, she’d feel exactly the same way Uranus felt when Cronos cut off his testicles.* (BAD).

Worst part is, Aphrodite doesn’t even know she’s made of those testicles.

But I guess that’s for her own good.

Andromeda was a model by occupation.

She was a twice crowned  Miss Universe and her career seemed to know no end.

Her latest affair was Centaur A.

She dumbed him though, because public poll results showed that her popularity decreased after their engagement.

Just how cool is it anyway, dating a centaur who’s name is A?

Muzu received Andromeda’s invitation and ordered a squad to escort him to her galaxy. His instincts told him he’d have sex pretty soon and he didn’t care in which dimensions.

Chaos appeared in Triangulum.

That was really bad.

If the King didn’t return soon, the entire galaxy matter would have to resort in elections and we all know evry well what pre-election campaigns mean.

The End

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