-I’ll be Terence Hill and you’ll be Bud Spencer. Wanna have a go?

-what? N-no. look, I’m in a hurry.

That was true. He had to deliver a very important paper on Quantum Loop and he was half an hour late already.


Mmm, no that’s not a cool way to introduce the main.

One more time:


Ben, who spent absolutely no time to think about God, took the bus to the university, where he studied astrophysics.  He had to deliver a very important paper for Quantum Loop and he was half an hour late already. Adding to that, a shadow was following him, without making its presence noticeable, but it granted Ben that paranoid feeling of a world conspiracy against male failures without transport means.


Mmmm, nonononono. That’s a no again.

I’ll try a more direct approach.

Once more:


Ben was an idiot.

“…and Einstein realized that everything moves at lightspeed in spacetime:

A still body in the dimensions of Space, moves in the dimension of time at lightspeed, while as the body shall move at lightspeed in the dimension of Space, its literally still in the dimension of Time. Therefore, Light is Timeless. That’s all for today class, see you next week.”

If Ben had understood immediately what professor Roemer said, he’d be able to save the King of Triangulum before he got sucked in the Black Hole and lost his chance to become Timeless in Space. But unfortunately, Ben is rather slow.

Ben got in the bus to return home and some readers-probably the female ones- are expressing their impatience because I havent described Ben at all and I’m mentioning him for the second time, thing which could mean he’s the hero of the story.


-That’s the first time you mention him.



To be completely honest, I’d give everything for a sandwich now.

I’m starving.

But.. I’m sorry to dissapoint you. Ben aint the hero of the story.

Hypersyntelicus is.

So if I actually feel like it, I aint describing nothing.

In fact, today, the whole country is on strike for the Public’s Insurance System, so what? Should I pretend to be the Strike-Breaker for your eyes only?

Sorry.. yall have to wait till tommorow.


-can you please get on with it or should I take another book or something?


Oh crap. Its the mighty syndicate of readers. My apologies.


Ben was tall, but not tall enough to be a professional basketball player.

He was also muscular but not muscular enough to show off.

He had very little bodyfat supplies, thing which would make him a proper marathon runner but he’d have a hard time surviving in Antarctica.

Thoughts like these always made him wanna turn to something else.

Maybe a seal.

His brown hairs were kinda goldish in the sunlight but Ben didn’t know that.

He did observe though, that the grass under bright light had a more vivid transparent color. Like it was dead and was coming to life.

I’ll stop describing Ben now, so that I can use a writer’s trick later, which allows me to add describing details at unsuspected time and thus making the naration more spicy.


-you’re useless. We’re not interested in those.


Oh, I’m sorry.

There are some of us who imagine Destiny or Fate like a divinity.

Like a goddess maybe?

Well, I imagine her like a wrinkled old lady with eye problems, throwing flower-pots of her balcony and shaking out tablecloths.*


*that’s a typical description of single middle-ages back in the 60s, where women back then believed they could meet the love of their lives by throwing pots on the passing men’s heads


That old hag could be responsible for the derailment of the bus that Ben took to go home, but Nihilists keep showing up and saying “THERES NO SUCH THING AS DESTINY, you bastards”. Buddhists on the other hand become furious when luck is mentioned, just like Einstein did when Bohr suggested the Uncertainty Principle in the Quantum theory and said the famous line: “I just cant accept that god’s playing dice”.

So, from all that, we can conclude that Einstein could be a Buddhist if he wanted to and that he had no clue for God’s private life.

Now. Since I happen to like Ben, I’m gonna pull a nasty trick on Destiny.

As in more traffic accidents, the actual observation time to realize whats happening is honestly, trully very little.

The bus abberated off its course for some reason and crushed on a gatepost, which impressively made the vehicle to lift on one side and perform a forcefull landing to its own side. Damn you gravity.

When Ben opened his eyes, he felt a fierce pain all over his body and  thought he had broken all his bones. That’s how boxers also feel after a good match.

The bus interior was messed up but our young fella didn’t stay in much to take a look.

He crawled with his hands out from the window, passing over broken glasses.

He lied prostrate on the middleof the street and moaned.

That could be quite a sensual sound actually, but it was a bad time to think about sex.

He heard the rest of the passengers coming to their senses and some crying.

People started gathering around.

Ben thought he should get up and help.

He sat up and and tried to pull himself together.

He wiped the blood of his face and then… he saw it.


It was a shadow.


Moving behind the approaching crowd, it looked like a human because it had a normal person’s dimensions. But, it was a shadow.

A three dimensional shadow!

Ben thought it stared at him for a while and then disappeared.

The End

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