The plain flowed under his feet intensily and fast, like a heartache.

He looked the sun straight in the eyes and smiled generously.

He walked in the green waves to get to the witch’s house.

Wait a minute, you! Does the witch know about this?

No, he’s gonna surprise her.

The red haired witch, lived under the hill, the hill which lived next to the forest, the forest which lived next to the mountain, the mountain which lived in the plain, the plain which was living in general.

The Hooded Plainwalker cut some daisies and linden for the girl.

He raised his head and saw a little girl drawing a picture of him.

He propped his body on his white stick and kept walking.

The witch was drying her laundry in her yard.

But, whats the witch’s name?

Why don’t you ask her?

-I’m not a witch damnit. Said the witch. My name is ThreePhase.

And that Plainwalker? Whats his name?

Why don’t you ask him?

-Ho! Those cursed bees sneaking in my cloths. My name is Seezar and I’m going to surprise the witch. Witch! Surprise. I brought you the flowers from which you are made of.

-I’m not a witch you idiot. Seezar from the Cobostan* valley, what brings you to my house?


*cobosta is a sweet made of dry fruits, usually consumed by very old or very young people. It includes the whole fruit, plus a watery syrup.


-Great omens you give to all, witch. But to noone your body.

We gotta say at this point that Threephase was quite the babe and Seezar liked her a lot, but she wouldn’t give in since witches sit nowhere else but on their broomstick.


At that moment, Threephase put two fingers in her mouth cavity and whistled.


Seezar raised his head and saw a white horse galloping on the sky, responding to the call of the witch.

-By the worms that feed on the ancient tomes of the history of Oh-We-ell! What happened to your broomstick witch?

Threephase jumped on the horse which had no saddle or wings and shouted mad:


And she flew away.

Seezar felt something pulling his sleeve.

It was the girl he saw back at the plain, drawing pictures.

-Plainwalker, look.

She said and showed him the picture. It was a moving flatman.

The End

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