The planets yawned sleepy and stretched at some particularly slow speed.

They remained in orbit since they couldn’t do otherwise, thing which upsets most celestial bodies. They were two planets in one of the edges of the Triangulum galaxy, which is next to the Andromeda galaxy, for which rumours have it that she slept a couple nights with the Cow King*.


*for the history lovers, we should mention that the Milky Way owes its name to the Cow King Muzupalakham, who actually, after playing 6 hours in the Moo-Moo level of Diablo II, sued Blizzard, which in fact in their turn spilled 2 trucks of milk outside the research facilities of Houston, demanding proper working conditions and justice for the war captives in Indonesia.


The two planets we gaze upon right now, have no names since they have not been discovered yet, but that nasty habbit of naming everything new, was initiated by humans, so it would be nice to stop doing it, if you even do.



-good morning

-how’s it going?

-the same


-dontchya think I’ve gained weight?

-quit nagging all the time

-I’m worried! I think I’m s..

-..sinking in your gravitational field, I know. Ever thought of starting a diet or something?

-it wont work

-what about your core?

-we had a fight…

-oh, sorry to hear that.

-wish I could turn back time! To become..

-heads up! The King is coming!


The comets were consisting the Royal Guard of the King of the Galaxy.

After a couple warning shots, they announced the arrival of the Royal Couple to the 5th System. The planets grumbled annoyed.

-did they really have to build their restaurant here?

-boy, I’d give everything to move to the neighbour nebula

The Galactic Anthem was heard from some high frequential vibrations of the bodies.

There was something really epic and majestic in this whole case.

Because the King was no ordinary King from matter and anti-matter like the usual ones.

He wasn’t a star that was born and doomed to die.

He wasn’t void but neither was he taking up any space, thing which made the queen trip and fall many times in her attempts to kiss him.

The King was a Triangle.

A Hyper-Triangle of ν dimensions glowing in the dark.

He did explain in an interview of his, that the radiation is caused by luminous particles that were desperately trying to avoid their responsibilities.

The Queen was a real beauty, shining in all the available colors every time.

The Triangle-King had married the most beautiful nebula of the galaxy, Electra.

The Royal Couple used to eat in the 5th system pretty often, but today’s a special occasion. They had their anniversary and the King had sieged 3 galaxies in order to bring the most rare dish to his Queen. The ambrosia of the Gods, the sweet of the galactic lovers, the answer to the prayers of millions of immaterial hungry beings.

They had come to try for the first time: The Applepie.

To be more accurate, the word itself might take you back to the famous Earthly Applepie, but that’s not what its about. It was quite similar in taste, but a whole lot more than that.

The Cooks of the universe had given up, since this was about an eternal secret recipe of the Machine that made the World and everyone knew, that if you had just one tiny bite, you’d remain Timeless and Spaceless (although the King’s topics were off topic most of the time but that’s not of our concern now)*


*slang in greek, without-space/spaceless can also mean incongruous or absurd.


This theory made the Cooks to come to the conclusion that the Cosmic Machine of Creation was actually a Cook and they were its humble worshippers.

The Applepie ceremony was magnificent.

Stars, comets, dust and light from all the corners of the galaxy had gathered to celebrate the passing of the King to Immortality, in the Applepie Nebula.


-oh no..


The overweight planet that lived only a few parsecs away from the Applepie nebula got shaked away from its trajectory.


-whats happening to you???

-I don’t know! I think its time!

-not now! Hey! Not now!

-H-help me! I’m sinking!

The End

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