Mackenna watched as the trees flew by. Everything was passing so fast. Her stomach growled. She glanced at Joe's watch, it was 7:59 they had only been on this train for less then 2 hours. She had slept off and on all night, Steve and Joe had seemed to sleep peacfully. They had only woken up long enough to switch trains and then they had crashed again.. Mackenna thought about finding the dining car to get some breakfast, but decided it would be best to wait for her friends to wake, so she watched the clock change the hour.

After deciding to runaway last night, they all thought it would be best if no one returned home for anything. And so they all hopped into Steve's car and drove from Madison, Illinois to St Clair, Illinois. They left the car at the top of a car port and walked 7 blocks to the train station. Steve asked for 3 tickets to Wichita, KS. and payed in cash. He was trying to be sure the cops couldn't track them. They were on the train by 1:45am and had arrived in Wichita by 6:13 they then got on this train to Moab, UT. They weren't scheduled to be in Moab until 2:35.

It was going to be a long day, but Mackenna didn't mind as long as she was with her two dear friends. Mackenna watched as the clock changed to 8am on the nose. She looked up at Joes sleeping face and smiled. She considered reaching out to touch his arm, just to be sure he was really there but before she could, the world faded as she fell into a deep sleep.


She woke with a start. Joe was gone. She sat up and her eyes scanned the train. She didn't know why but she felt afraid. Then she felt a gentle hand on her arm. She spun around and saw Steve sitting on the other side of her, just where he had been when she fell asleep. She hadn't realized she was holding her breath, but she let it out, smiled and sat back.

"How did you sleep?" He asked.

"Not great. What time is it?"

"It's about 11:15. You slept a long time."

"Wow! I can't believe I slept that long. Where's Joe?"

"Bathroom. Are you hungry?"


Just then Joe returned

"Ah sleeping beauty has awoken." Joe said as he sat down. "How did you sleep, beautiful?"

Mackenna smiled at the compliment and the repeated question.

"Alright. Where can I get something to eat."

"I'll take you to the dining car." Steve said as he stood, "did you want something, Joe?"

"Just a water." He said as he sat back in his chair and opened a tabloid.


"This is it. The final stretch." Said Steve as he settled into his seat, "at 11:15 tonight we'll be seeing the land of California." Mackenna scooched into the seat next to him and Joe sat on the end. The same order they had been sitting in from the beginning of their journey. Mackenna loved being squeshed between them, it made her feel safe.

She glanced down at Joe's watch for the hundreth time that day. 2:47. She couldn't wait for this trip to be over. She just wanted to feel the warm weather and be in a real bed so she could finally sleep. Before they had arrived in Utah, they had talked about everything there was to talk about and Mackenna still felt like there was so much to talk about.

She sat back in her seat and sighed. She didn't tell them how worried she was about this whole running away thing. If they ever got caught, there was no way the Riley's would take her back. Which Mackenna thought would be good, unless she was sent to another home that wasn't anywhere near her dear friends.

The 3 spent most of the trip talking about anything and everything, it seemed like there was always something to say or to laugh about and when there wasn't it felt comfortable to just sit in silence until someone would break it to say something else. Mackenna fell in and out of sleep. She could tell the boys were fighting it. They wanted to stay up until they got to california.


Mackenna woke with a start for the second time that day. She immedietly noticed that the boys had finally fallen asleep then she sat forward and smiled as she realized what had woke her. The train was coming to a stop. They were finally in California.

The End

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