The walk to the park was short but felt quiet and rushed. Mackenna just wanted to get to Steven so that the 3 of them could be together again. It was chilly outside, early March. When they reached the park Steven was already there. Mackenna rushed into his arms for the second time that day. His embrace was so strong, it made her feel safe. They released and the 3 friends moved to the park bench. Mackenna sat down shivering.

"Here take this." Steve removed his sweatshirt and draped it over her shoulders. Leaving him in only a black T. The shirt was tight, revealing his perfectly built body. Mackenna smiled up at him.

"I've missed you so much, Mackie." Stated Joe as he sat next to her on the bench. Joe had come up with the nickname after her parents died. It felt familiar and made her feel happy and safe.

"I've missed you both too." She paused, "More then you know." She wiped a tear from her eye and smiled. "I'm just so releaved and happy to be with you guys again. These last 3 months have been so hard. I hate living with the Riley's, and being apart from you guys has just made it worse."

There was a long silence. The seperation had been hard on all of them. It seemed silly to be so attatched but they understood each other.

"So why should we have to be seperated any longer?" Steven stood to his feet.

"You know perfectly well, why, Steven." Mackenna said as she stood to her feet as well. She moved to Steven and gently placed her hand on his arm, she could feel his arm tense at the touch of her cold hand.

Steven looked down at her and smiled, then grabbed her hand off his arm and held it in his, trying to warm it.

"What if we didn't have to?"

"What did you have in mind, Steve?" now Joe stood to his feet.

"Let's run away."

"WHAT?!" Joe and Mackenna both exclaimed. Steven released Mackenna's hand.

"We could do it. We could leave right now. Joe don't tell me your dad would miss you. Mackie, you just said that you hate living with the Rileys and I haven't had anyone care for me since my parents kicked me out last year."

"But where would we go?" Mackenna asked

"Yeah, and how are we going to pay for transport, food, board? Come on, Steve, this is crazy!" chimed Joe.

"Why do you think I asked you guys here tonight? I've been thinking about this for weeks." Steve turned towards Joe and grabbed his shoulders. "Come on, Man, you've got to trust me."

Mackenna turned back towards the park bench and sat down. There was so much to think about, how could she leave everything she knew just like that? Yes, she hated it all, but she was in the system now, people would always be searching for her. Joe sat down next to her and placed his hand on her leg.

"Whats wrong?" he asked

"People will always be after me. We'll never be able to stop running."

"Yeah, I know." He paused and looked up at Steve. "But we will always be together. We'll never be seperated again."

"Yeah, and if we go far enough away and do it all right, maybe we won't have to always be running." Mackenna looked at Joe then up at Steve.

"You know what? I'm not gonna think about it." she stood to her feet "This could be the stupidest thing we all ever do." She paused as if reconsidering then she grabbed stevens hand and reached for Joe's.

"Lets do it" She smiled and pulled them both in for a group hug. They all laughed and stayed there embracing each other, making up for lost time.

The End

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