3 High school best friends stuck it a love triangle.

Mackenna closed her bedroom door and hastily closed her curtains. She thought about the events of the day. Of all of the things she could've volunteered for, she chose theater. When Mrs. Brown, her social worker, had said that it would be good for her to volunteer for an out of school activity, Mackenna thought it sounded like fun. Why she chose to help with her schools drama club performance, she had no idea, especially since it wasn't even an out of school activity, but she had enjoyed it. She had especially enjoyed it today.

Mackenna smiled at the memory. The rehearsal was almost over and she had just come down from the balcony after having finished with the spotlights for the day. She was going to talk with Mrs. Ford to ask if the spotlight for scene 3 needed to be more stage right when she heard voices coming from the auditorium, she entered the room and saw 4 men standing in front of the stage. She recognized one as Mr. Tinly, the director, then 2 other men, whom Mackenna recognized as the set builders, the 4th had his back to her, but something about him seemed familiar.

A sudden realization struck her and joy filled her body. It was Steven. She hadn't seen him or Joseph since she had been moved to the Riley's home almost 6 months ago. Mrs. Riley put a stop to her friendship with them as soon as she found out about it. She did not like those boys, thought they were a bad influence. Mackenna just thought Mrs. Riley was being controlling.

Mackenna had tryed to stay calm, walking to the front of the theater to greet him slowly. But when he turned to look at her she just couldn't help herself and she ran headlong into his arms, which were ready to catch her. He wrapped his strong arms around her and swung her around.

"What are you doing here?" He asked quietly into her ear, still hugging her tight.

"I'm volunteering. What are you doing here?" She responded. It was taking everything in her not to burst into tears. She had missed him so much. He had released her now.

"Steven, stop flirting and let's go." Came one of the mens voices from behind them.

"I'm coming," Steven responded, the 3 men walked backstage and out of sight. He looked back at Mackenna, "I work for the company that's building the sets. I got hired about a month ago and I'll be here everyday. I have to go. Goodbye, Mackenna." He hugged her tight, his lips brushed against her cheek as he pulled away and left.

Mackenna was a very fun loving, caring, sweet, 17 year old girl. Her parents had died when she was just 12 and she had been in the foster system ever since. Everything had been fine until 7 months ago, just a month before the start of her Junior year, when she moved in with the Riley's.

When Mrs. Riley found out about the 3 of them hanging out she instructed Mackenna to stop speaking with them.

Mrs. Riley realized she couldn't seperate the 3 if they all went to the same school and so she immediatly transfered Mackenna to a new school causing Mackenna to be seperated form her best friends...her only friends. She tried hard to keep a happy face but it was hard when you had no one to talk to about anything.


Joe moved quietly through the neighbor hood. After Steven had told about his encounter with Mackenna earlier that day, Joe had been anxiously waiting for this evening. Him and Steven had decided that they were tired of being kept from Mackenna and so they planned to sneak her out. Joe's job was to sneak to the Riley house and somehow get Mackenna's attention and convince her to sneak out with them. Steven didn't get off work until 11:30 and so he planned to meet them at the park after midnight.

Joe entered the yard, taking care to keep the gate from creaking or clicking. There was a light on in the upstairs bedroom but otherwise the house was dark. He moved to the back of the house where Mackenna's window was located. The curtains were drawn and the lighting was dim. She must've only had a bedside lamp on. He glanced at his watch 11:47, he didn't want to knock on the window until the light upstairs was off, he couldn't take any chances. He saw movement in the window above and noticed a gap between the window curtains, if he got in just the right position he'd be able to see in.

Mackenna unbuttoned her red plaid shirt and discarded the dirty item in the laundry hamper. Joe realized she was undressing but couldn't take his eyes away. Next came her black tank top, then her jeans leaving her in only her red lace bra and underware. Joe could feel his face get hot, he had always thought she was beautiful, but seeing her like this, she was stunning. Her skin was flawless and seemed to glow. She reached behind to unhook her bra, Joe's heart began to race. He wanted to continue watching but something inside him said otherwise and his arm shot up to the window and knocked. He could see her whole body jolt from surprise at the sound. Still in her underware she moved to the window, grabbed the edge of her curtain to cover herself and looked out. When she saw who it was she was so overjoyed she didn't even think to put on some clothes before tossing the curtains aside and shoving the window open.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, she was so delighted she was almost laughing

"I came to see you." He smiled back. "Come on let's go."

"Go where?"

"We're meeting Steven at the park, I'm breaking you out. Now go put some clothes on." He winked. Mackenna almost blushed, she had always thought it was hot when guys winked and Joe was no exception. Then it clicked with her what he meant by putting clothes on. Nobody had ever seen her in her underware before and she blushed deeper.

Mackenna turned back to the room and selected a pair of grey sweatpants and a red sweatshirt. She tossed her jet black hair into a messy bun, threw on some sneakers and was back at the window in a flash. She sat on the sill then swiveled around so her feet were hanging out of the window. Joe reached up and slid his hands around her waist. They were gentle but firm. She slid off and he slowly lowered her to the ground until they stood with his hands around her waist, her hands resting lightly on his arms, examining the other's face. They stood in this positon for quit some time before Joe came to his senses.

"We should go, Steven's waiting." He smiled at her, but didn't move. How had she never noticed his smile wrinkles. They were perfect, and adorable. Meckenna smiled back. After another moment she finally snapped out of it and laughed.

"Yeah, we should go." she removed her hands from his arms and began walking towards the front gate. Joe watched her go for a minute, contomplating what had just happened. Then he followed slowly behind her.

The End

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