Trials and tribulations.

Alex glided through the streets of London. Unawear of what year it was. She was not her entire self, her phsyical body not with her at the time.

Alex's sprit roamed the streets rushing down each winding road covered in the debris of human life. There was no traffic and fairly few people out on the streets. The sky was dark, and the stars where covered by a blanket of smog. Small houses where covered inthe soot belched out by the spiraling chimneys of the factories.

She stopped out side a small tavern. "The Boot". What a name alex thought to herself. As she gazed at the elderly women who stumbled out of the tavern and angry fat man who followed screeching.

"You old witches." He screeched "You ever come into my pub again and I'll have ya. I mean it."

Alex silently observed the women who tottered away from the taverns large brown doors. The women could barely stand. One broke away from the group.

"Oi. Where you goin Mary?"

The woman seemed not to hear the others shouting her. As she stumbled down the street. She clung to bricks and window cills, that jutted out of buildings she passed for support. The weight of her body seemed to be poorly supported by her wobbly leggs. She turned around the corner. Alex followed holding her breath. Even though in this disembodyed state she had no need to breath, she felt she had to in order not to be heard as she followed. The woman collapsed on the cobbles around the corner. Alex watched her form wrapped up in a small bundle on the floor. The woman was shivvering. Alex heard footsteps comming up the street towards them and looked up.

The Man stopped a few meters away and looked directly at Alex. She began to feel hot like she was sweating. Her nerves had kicked in. Could he see her? Was he looking straight at her? Or could he just sence her presence?

He took another step forward...

The End

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